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Please ADOPT your next pet from a reliable Rescue Centre.

When cats/kittens come into our care all for MANY different reasons – some domestic – some feral/semi feral – some having been neglected/abandoned and left to fend for themselves. They ALL need help, they all need care and they all deserve a loving, safe permanent home to live out their lives.
As a Charity we do are very best to match the right cat/kitten to the home we know will suit their temperaments and their needs the best.
As many of you will know we do pre home visits, and in some cases even before a prospective owner has meet the cat/kitten they feel they would like to adopt – in some cases we are requested to do this by the family coming to us with adoption in mind.
We carry out follow up visits also to make sure all is well and also ask our new owners to contact us if they have any concerns or queries. We are here to support the people who adopt from us at any time throughout the years.
We stay responsible for EVERY cat/kitten we rehome and if something goes wrong in the new owners life they know we will take the cat back into our care at any time, whether it is 10 months or 10+ years. We are here for them 24/7 😻
All our cats and kittens are screened for Feline leukeamia and Feline AIDS – neutered/spayed/vaccinated/microchipped/flea & worm protected/health checked and our adoption donation is Β£45.



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Neuter/Spay your cat/kitten 16 weeks and over.

Neutering helps to save suffering, neglect and homelessness.
When a cat/kitten is sold/given away privately you have no idea if they are going to stay in that home or be passed around – cats on average live 15-19 sometimes longer so a VERY long committment – all the cats coming into our care were acquired privately originally – because you cant safeguard those animals throughout their lives (we can) once they leave you then PLEASE PLEASE DON’T BREED

If you need help/advice please dont hesitate to call us – ANYTIME – if I miss your call please leave a clear message and your phone number .


I really have big problems understanding the logic πŸ™‰

The Government rejected including cats & kittens in the new Bill to control the breeding of pets and have only made the ruling for dogs and puppies. Yes this is a VERY good move as it hopefully will help to give some control over people, whether registered breeders or people breeding from their pet, so that breeding for PROFIT can be controlled to some extent, especially if highlighted.


They are now talking about inforcing microchipping for cats/kittens BUT that is not going to stop indescriminate breeding !!!! The CAT CRISIS Nationwide needs to be recognised as a PRIORITY because in so many cases it leads to neglect and in some cases CRUELTY and abandonment 😿

Week in week out we visit multi cat households to offer help with neutering, and in most cases they are very pleased for our help – and so are the cats 😻 But we cant possibly reach all those needing help and so in many, many cases the breeding continues and the numbers and inter breeding continues to escalate …… 😿

We offer, with Pet Docters, VERY reasonable rates for neutering/spaying/microchipping – at present Β£35 icl. microchip but when numbers get out of control an owner can not afford even that obviously. We have helped households with up to 11 cats/kittens or more and they have been very grateful for our help – BUT our help is a spot in the ocean 😒

When will this Government SEE the suffering out there and help to fix it by bringing in APPRORIATE Laws 😒😿

Some of the cats we have, or have had in care just this year who have been badly neglected eg ‘Amber’ – ‘Archie’ – ‘Sylvester’ – ‘Cheeto’ and many more who’s owners have abandoned them and have left them to fend for themselves and have made NO attempt to find them or report them missing, do the cats then get returned to UNCARING owners if compulsory microchipping is made law ??


These are just some, this year, who were suffering in one way or another, before coming into our care 😿😒😿


πŸ’žALL looking for Loving HOMESπŸ’ž

Please Go To ‘Adopt A Cat’ Page





Paul has a genuine fear of flying, and has NEVER flown. Paul had to go up in a plane, a few weeks before his leap to be accepted for his challenge. This is such a BRAVE feat that Paul has undertaking for us and a MASSIVE COMMITMENT especially with his fear of flying AND to take this INCREDIBLE LEAP shows his DEDICATION to all the cats in our care – both permanent and all those looking for loving new homes.

Paul Harvey did a sponsored Tandem Skydive in aid of Feline Welfare on the 6th August 2019 at Sandown Airfield and raised £1,260 which is INCREDIBLE. Paul also collected a large amount of Cat Food from some of the Supermarkets on the Island as they too wanted to support his Skydive. FANTASTIC 😻

30 of us went along to support Paul’s VERY BRAVE LEAP and I can honestly say it was AMAZING. THANK YOU PAUL SO MUCH YOU ARE A STAR xx

You can view the video of Paul’s Skydive on our Facebook Page 😻


Sadly a little tortoishell cat was found, with a lead, tied to a fence in the Cowes area yesterday (3/8) morning. This was a deliberate act as the lead was tied, it WASN’T a cat who had escaped and the lead had become caught up 😿

πŸ’ž This little girl is now safe and being cared for. She was very heavily flea infested …. but not anymore. She is not microchipped πŸ’ž

If you have lost a tortoishell cat, not necessarily in the Cowes area, but anywhere on the Island, although it is quite likely to be Cowes or the surrounding area, please do call us asap on 521778 – anytime.

We will need proof of ownership before releasing this little cat.

🐾 If anyone has any information about this incident we would love to hear from in COMPLETE confidence of course 🐾

Thank You SO much xx



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of a 9 year old catΒ that survived alone for a week

after he was knocked down by a car

and left with life threatening injuries!



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Please Visit Our Adoption Page -All Looking For LOVE


Β EVERY year we have endless phone calls – morning, noon and night – that is fine because we are always here to help. These phone calls concern pregnant cats, cats in the process of giving birth and getting into difficulty, problems following birth for either ‘Mum’ and or their kittens, including death and premature kittens who are being witnessed as they fade.

THIS IS THE REALITY – it is the Mum who is initially raped by, quite often, a number of toms, its her who carries the kittens for 9 weeks, it is her who has to go through quite often painful labour, and sometimes complications for what MORE homeless kittens with some ending up in unsuitable homes… and so the cycle continues…Β 

Accidents can happen yes BUT if your kitten is spayed and the boys neutered at 4 months of age NONE OF THIS WILL HAPPEN !!!!!We are here 24/7 to help – to advise AND to help cat/kitten owners to get their pets spayed/neutered. We have kept our prices the same for several years, thanks to Pet Doctors. We are subsidizing the cost and are happy to continue to do so.

It isn’t a glorious occasion for your pet to produce a litter especially when help is at hand.Β Suffering, neglect and misery will continue again this year which is so, so sad for the animals concerned.Β PLEASE HELP BY NEUTERING/SPAYING YOUR PET (cat/kitten – dog/puppy – rabbit etc etc) you are after all preventing SUFFERING because when those kittens etc leave you you no longer have any control how that pet is going to be treated over the next 18 years or more.Β 



‘We Not Only Rehome But Also Run A Sanctuary For 40 of our Feline Friends



Please help the ever increasing problems with over breeding on the Isle of Wight.
A responsible owner will want to do their very best for their much loved pet,
If you are on a low income and unable to pay the full Veterinary cost for neutering/spaying you are welcome to call us on 521778 (answer machine at times)
We also try to encourage microchipping at the time of neutering as this is the safest and most effective way of identifying your pet and yourself as the owner.
Please call Nikki on 521778

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