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Winter Fayre

Saturday 24th November 2018

10.30 – 1.30

At East Cowes Town Hall, York Avenue


Please Come Along And In Turn Help Us To Help The Many Homeless, Unwanted, Stray Cats On the Island


If You Could Bake A Cake For Our Stall/Refreshments It Would Be Greatly Appreciated


Unwanted Gifts – Christmas Items – Childrens Items – Gift Sets etc are urgently needed – Also Prizes For Our Raffle

Any Help Would Be Very Welcome


EVERY year we have endless phone calls – morning, noon and night – that is fine because we are always here to help. These phone calls concern pregnant cats, cats in the process of giving birth and getting into difficulty, problems following birth for either ‘Mum’ and or their kittens, including death and premature kittens who are being witnessed as they fade.

THIS IS THE REALITY – it is the Mum who is initially raped by, quite often, a number of toms, its her who carries the kittens for 9 weeks, it is her who has to go through quite often painful labour, and sometimes complications for what MORE homeless kittens with some ending up in unsuitable homes… and so the cycle continues… 

Accidents can happen yes BUT if your kitten is spayed and the boys neutered at 4 months of age NONE OF THIS WILL HAPPEN !!!!!We are here 24/7 to help – to advise AND to help cat/kitten owners to get their pets spayed/neutered. We have kept our prices the same for several years, thanks to Pet Doctors. We are subsidizing the cost and are happy to continue to do so.

It isn’t a glorious occasion for your pet to produce a litter especially when help is at hand. Suffering, neglect and misery will continue again this year which is so, so sad for the animals concerned. PLEASE HELP BY NEUTERING/SPAYING YOUR PET (cat/kitten – dog/puppy – rabbit etc etc) you are after all preventing SUFFERING because when those kittens etc leave you you no longer have any control how that pet is going to be treated over the next 18 years or more. 




‘We Not Only Rehome But Also Run A Sanctuary For 38 of our Feline Friends



Please help the ever increasing problems with over breeding on the Isle of Wight.
A responsible owner will want to do their very best for their much loved pet,
If you are on a low income and unable to pay the full Veterinary cost for neutering/spaying you are welcome to call us on 521778 (answer machine at times)
We also try to encourage microchipping at the time of neutering as this is the safest and most effective way of identifying your pet and yourself as the owner.
Please call Nikki on 521778

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