About us

We are a small but dedicated Rescue Centre and Sanctuary. Feline Welfare was formed in January 1988, but I have been rescuing since 1980. The first 5 years were on a much smaller scale and involved taking in unwanted dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea-pigs, budgies etc. I fostered for another rescue centre for 2 and a half years before forming Feline Welfare. We have several permanent residents who have stayed with us because they are disabled or ex-feral and still nervous of strangers. Some are elderly and some need ongoing treatments. All have a very good quality of life but as we have been unable to home them due to their various problems, they have become part of the family and they live out their lives with us in a completely natural environment.

We plan to continue our rescue work and in turn make many sad ‘tails’ into happy ones but we can’t do it alone. All your much needed help is vital to enable us to carry out our work. Our aim, as always, is to make a difference and try to minimise the suffering and neglect inflicted on some of our animal friends.

Our policy is to home on the Island. Only in very exceptional circumstances will we home on the mainland.

Thank you to all our supporters.



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