‘Basil’ came to us as an undoctered roaming tom 😿 We think he had fathered kittens more than once in the area due to his distinctive colouring.

This lovely boy has been tested for feline leukeamia and feline AIDS and has also ‘had his pockets emptied’ !!!! Long overdue like so many 😿

‘Boris’ is still very wary of people because of his ‘street life’ if you can call that a life 😿 We REALLY hope in time he will be able to go to a domestic home, but at present we need to continue to work on his trust 😿

We will update his post as time goes on so please do keep an eye on our updates from time to time ❤

He SO deserves a loving future so we wont give up on trying to achieve that for him ❤


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