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‘Marley’ is 9 years young and is sadly looking for a quiet, loving, permanent home. Are you able to offer her a safe and loving future ?

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‘JoJo’ is 6 years old and is looking for a caring home as the only pet. She at present is living with other cats and it really isnt working. She would much prefer her own human slave !!!

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💞 This gorgeous kitten is looking for a quiet home, possibly with another cat/s.

He has had a sad start to his life but we want to change all that and find someone to love him 💞

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Kittens Ready At The End Of August

Our kittens will be looking for loving new homes at the end of August.

They will have had their 1st Vaccination (full course paid by us) before going to their new homes.

When they are 16 weeks and fully settled with their new ‘parents’ they will be spayed/neutered/microchipped through us at the Pet Doctors.

Our full Adoption Fee, which includes all the above, is £70.

Please call us anytime on 521778 if you feel you may be able to offer a loving, permanent, safe home for these little ones.

🐈 We hope to be able to home them in pairs if possible 🐈

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💞 ‘Amber’ is approx 7-8 years old and is SO affectionate. She needs to be the only pet so she can have the undivided attention of her new human slaves !! 💞


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‘💞 Annie’ is such an adorable little girl. She is wary until she knows she can trust you then you are wearing her !!! 💞

‘Annie’ is 2 years old

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‘Blue’ & ‘Socks’

💞 ‘Blue’ is 5 years old and his son ‘Socks’ is 4. They are now looking for a loving, safe home together. We ‘may’ consider them going as house cats if it is very spacious property 💞


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‘Harry’ & ‘Lloyd’

💞 ‘Harry’ and ‘Lloyd’ are looking for a safe and loving home where they can stay together. Are you able to help ? 💞

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💞 ‘Vinnie’ is 13 years young and he is really looking forward to a settled and happy future. As you see he has had surgery on his ear but he is fully recovered now xx 💞

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💞 ‘Romilli’ is looking for a quiet, understanding, patient home. She is VERY loving but takes a while to settle with someone new 💞

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