‘Barney’ – ‘Lottie’ – ‘Lucy’ -‘ Merlin’

💞 These gorgeous kittens have now all found lovely homes.

‘Merlin’ and ‘Lottie’ are in a home together and ‘Lucy’ and ‘Barney’ are staying together also which is GREAT 💞

We would all like to share this story with you … which isn’t yet over yet ……

Lucy saw Mum and kittens crossing a very busy rural road on the 12th October on her way home from work at Pet Doctors …. this is where this story begins …….

Andy Marshall then arrived to suss out the area where this little family had been seen. Andy set bated traps in various locations not knowing where this little family were actually living/sheltering …..

Jane and Colin then joined in the ‘stake outs’ – Andy, Jane and Colin have spend HOURS night and day waiting … watching … more often with no sightings or leads. BUT they didnt give up … it just made them more determined to get this little family to safety and to stop more kittens being born. Mum had had a previous litter earlier this year and all the kittens were trapped and removed.

On the 20/10 Andy trapped the first colour point kitten – ‘Lucy’ – so named for obvious reasons 💞 – and then later the same day ‘Merlin’ (black kitten) and ‘Ashlie’ (Mum) were also trapped and taken to safety.
‘Ashlie’ was tested for leukeamia & Aids on the 23/10 spayed/flea treated and microchipped and went back to stay with Phil who is fostering her for us. We decided on the 23rd that we would reunite ‘Merlin’ with his Mum as he has very strong feral instincts !!!! Human blood being shed to prove it 😂 So little man was neutered by Nick at Pet Doctors the following day, microchipped and reunited with his Mum ‘Ashlie’. We have a lovely stable home with Dawn for ‘Ashlie’ and ‘Merlin’ for which we are very grateful 💞

Kitten No 3 was trapped by Andy last night (25/10) … this is little ‘Lottie’

Night vision camera’s have been used since Lucy first saw this little family and kitten No 4 was trapped in the early hours of the 28/10.

Jane and Colin are VERY kindly fostering the 3 kittens. As you can see from the photos these little people are progressing REALLY well, and although we wont be actively looking for homes just yet we shall be in the near future. We wont know yet if they can go as singles or are better as two going as a pair but we shall be making the choice to suit them best 💞

We would all like to thank the farmers at Hazelgrove Farm (no relation!!!) and Whitefields Farm for all their help, support, understanding and patience while this family is brought to safety.


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