💞 ‘Garfield’ is now in a SUPER DUPER NEW HOME – he has waited a long time to catch someones eye AND NOW IT HAS HAPPENED 💞

‘Garfield’ as he is now known, was hit by a car on 30th March 2019 but despite great efforts to capture him he could not be approached so subsequently could not be taken to safety and given much needed Veterinary care.

Huge efforts were made by Andy Marshall to track this cat down, sadly to no avail. Andy helps us on a voluntary basis throughout the year, with domestic and feral cats/kittens also with fundraising. Many others also joined in to help look for ‘Garfield.’

Extensive advertising was carried out on social media and the response was incredible, posters were also displayed in the area where ‘Garfield’ was injured asking people to call us if they saw him, his injuries being obvious to anyone seeing him.

Exactly a week to the day, on the evening of 6th April 2019, we received a call from a family who had apparently been feeding ‘Garfield’ for the past year. He had just turned up having not been seen for a week. Because he was safely indoors we were then able to get him through to Pet Doctors.

It has been a very long and worrying journey as ‘Garfield’s’ injuries were extensive, and because a week had passed with no treatment his wounds were gangrenous, and he had obviously lost a lot of condition and was dehydrated.

He has undergone three operations to tend to his wounds, and intense regular treatment throughout the first week in particular – and it had been touch and go more than once in the first week as to whether he would pull through. He also had 2 toes amputated, and some damaged teeth removed.

He was Hospitalised for 16 days at Pet Doctors as he needed regular treatment also he had a feeding tube insert and was fed every 2 hours. The damage to his mouth/chin/neck was so extensive it had been vital to keep the whole area clean and clear of food.

We decided to start a ‘Fund Raiser’ on social media to help us with the vital Veterinary care ‘Garfield’ needed. We had FANTASTIC support from animal lovers on the Island, especially from the Isle of Cats Facebook page – Lost Pets and Social Media in generally and the County Press – it really is heart-warming to see just how much people care. We were INCREDIBLY lucky to raise enough to cover all the Veterinary costs which was truly AMAZING, and we would like to THANK everyone who made this possible by donation to ‘Garfield’s Appeal.’

The team of Vets and Nurses at Pet Doctors have been awesome with their round the clock care for ‘Garfield’  whilst he was Hospitalised, and since, and we are now seeing the results of their dedicated work. Nick Cosmi performed extensive surgery 4 days after his admission which really set his recovery at a new level. Prior to that ‘Garfield’ was starting to loose ground.

As you can see our brave hero is now in a SUPER home and is SO happy and settled  – Our Little Star ⭐

We would like to thank EVERYONE who has helped in one way or another since ‘Garfield’ was hit and injured at the end of March right up to the present time, it is heartwarming to know how much you care.

‘Garfield’ is nearly 9 years old and was un-neutered which obviously added to his nomadic lifestyle, and also extended the size of his territory. In light of what has happened to this poor boy, can we just say, we are here to help people who are unable to afford the full Veterinary cost, to get their cats neutered/spayed/microchipped and we are only a phone call away. You are welcome to call us on 521778 at anytime – we don’t have opening times because we never close !


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