I am just reflecting on the very difficult and challenging year we have all had, but on the positive side we have rescued many, many cats and kittens and have made their sad tails into lives that are worth living ❀

As always we have had our fair share of ferals – we could never get through a year without them – and wouldn’t want to if there are any out there needing help and NEUTERING! My favourite word, as it saves SO much suffering 😊😻

During the first lockdown we were called out constantly, sadly this included several cats who were ‘home alone’ after their owners had passed away 😿😒 Very upsetting for all concerned and more often than not, very confused and stressed cats not understanding why they are being taken from their home and not knowing why their Mum or Dad hasn’t come home to them 😿😒

We have also had several road traffic accidents – sadly some had been killed outright but others were SAVED.

Little ‘Bella’ actually fell out of a third floor flat window and suffered a fractured hind leg 😿 Alice – a Veterinary Nurse at Pet Doctors -VERY kindly fostered this little girl throughout her recovery, in fact, ‘Bella’ set off to join her new family just 3 weeks ago and she is settling really well bless her 😻

‘Daisy’ was involved in a car accident and she had an extensive fractured jaw and again Alice fostered her for us and saw her through her convalescence. She had her jaw wired for several weeks and when she was passed as fit she set off to her lovely new home where she is ADORED and SAFE 😻

‘Sid’ was a stray, undoctered with no home to call his own 😿 He was also involved in an accident which resulted in him having his hind leg amputated due to the extent of his injuries 😿 But he picked himself up and just got on with his life – who needs 4 legs when you can do it all on 3 xx❀xx ‘Sid’ still awaits a loving home in a ‘safe’ area ……

Jenny, Rob and Phil have been amazing for yet another year. They have fostered so many pregy Mums and kittens for us that their home was very soon turned into a true ‘Nursery’. Thank You All SO much for being their for us and our unfortunate felines xx

We had numerous undoctered toms with gangrenous wounds, some taking weeks to heal and needing daily treatment 😿 They all healed eventually and ‘Boris’ went off to his lovely new home at the end of October – and ‘Nibs’ also is now in a super home and has a new canine brother xx He, needless to say, was also undoctered 😿

‘Dandy’ – now renamed ‘Nelson’ was in an APPALLING condition weighing barely 2kg, undoctered, totally flea/worm-infested with a nasty itchy, scabby skin and hair loss 😿 NOW …. well he is in a SUPER new home and is absolutely ADORED – he has just come so far, and very grateful thanks go to the people who asked us for help

❀ Just look at him now ❀

‘Salem’ our beautiful black boy came to us as his disabled Mum was moving to a flat which wouldn’t have suited ‘Salem’ at all, he was also undoctered so very quickly had his ‘correction’ surgery !!!! He is now residing in my front room with ‘Pepper’ while they both wait patiently for super new homes xx❀xx Both are about a year old and ‘Pepper’ is black also 😻

‘Pixie’ came to us, unspayed but thankfully not pregnant 😻 Her owner moved to the mainland so left her with a relative, but they then found out they are not allowed animals in the flat which is when she came to us 😻 ‘Pixie’ is now in a lovely new home and is settling really well xx❀xx

‘Ruby’ was about 9-10 weeks old and we managed to mix her with ‘Teddy’ the last of the farm kittens. They are now in a super new home together, and believe me if one cant see the other they call to each other ❀ Also so much for their Christmas tree πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

‘Saffy’ had moved into a neighbour’s shed as she didn’t like the other cats at home – they were actually her kittens but about 4 years old. So reluctantly her owner asked us to rehome her for them. She is such a sweet little girl, and she too waits patiently to catch someone’s eye 😻

‘Mischief’ is pure white but does suffer from a flea allergy. Her skin is clear now and I feel with good flea control she will be fine. She too is a sweetheart and just LOVES the warmth and comfort in Corinne Perks Cat Nursery xxx ‘Mischief’ is 7 years young xx

Tanya Legon fostered 5 farm kittens for us at very short notice and she and her family were AMAZING with these very timid kittens. They are all in SUPER new homes which is all thanks to Tanya’s patience, perseverance, and the amount of time and love that she bestowed on these frightened babies. WELL DONE and THANK YOU SO MUCH xx❀xx

Julie Binnington and Robin Frape helped us also at very short notice with ‘Purdys’ babies and they did a wonderful job with these very hairy people xx They are all now in SUPER new safe homes, and so is ‘Purdy’ their beautiful Mum.


When’Misty’ came into our care he had a ‘cyst’ on his head. We have been keeping an eye on this, as have our Vets. Recently it has started to grow so he is having it removed in January and it will be sent away to be analysed, so fingers tightly crossed πŸ™

As you know very recently we were asked to help Barbara with 11 pedigree cats, ranging from 5-9 years of age. Due to a FANTASTIC response 5 are now in SUPER new homes – 3 more are booked and can hopefully move in with their new Mum by the end of January, so we shall be looking for new homes for ‘Sapphire’ – ‘Asha’ and ‘Matilda’ in the new year – so a pair and ‘Asha’ as a single …. unless a new owner out there can offer a home to all three girls so they can stay together ❀
Barbara will be starting treatment for cancer very soon 😒 so we really hope she will make a full recovery, but she does have a long journey ahead of her xx

Well we have been faced with SO many and varied situations – some have been really stressful, but we have to win through so we are here for all our less fortunate feline friends here on the Island 😿 We only rescue cats/kittens, feral/domestic on the IoW we also only rehome on the Island. This year we have had several requests to rehome to the mainland but we have declined – we really hope instead that they all adopted a new feline friend from their own area 🐈🐈

We have had SO much FANTASTIC help and support throughout yet another year. You have very kindly helped us to keep our heads above water by donating to us with our ever-increasing Vet Bills due to the number of sick and injured cats coming into our care. We are SO, SO grateful for every penny donated, and as you know all our funds are spent directly on our cats, we are a ‘no frills’ Charity and they get the very best of everything – Care – Love – Quality Time – Veterinary Treatment/Care – nothing is ever too much for our FANTASTIC foster carers, and for this, I am HUGELY grateful xx❀xx

We never know what the year ahead holds for us and our feline friends but I really hope we can find SUPER homes as we have this year for our very special furry people xx😻xx It is SO uplifting to see them going to kind, genuine, loving homes – it is AMAZING ❀

SO many of you have helped us – Jenny Young with the SUPER HUGE Xmas Raffle which raised over Β£2,800 – this was alot of hard work and Jenny Lennon and Corinne Perks helped with the ticket writing also – that was ALOT of tickets 😻xxx

May we wish you all a Very Happy and Peaceful and Year ahead πŸ™πŸ€žπŸ™

And again THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for EVERYTHING – Please take this as a personal THANK YOU to you all who make our work possible in SO many ways xxx 😻 xxx Your dedication to the animals in our care is truly AMAZING 🐈

❀ LOVE and PURRS from our feline friends ❀

May We Wish All Our Supporters A VERY HAPPY & PEACEFUL New Year And Also Our Less Fortunate Feline Friends


I Am Really Sorry But We Only Home Our Rescue Cats & Kittens On The Isle of Wight


This was us at our XMAS RAFFLE DRAW on 5th December 2020

THANKS TO YOUR INCREDIBLE SUPPORT our Raffle raised Β£2829.90 which is AMAZING. I can’t express just how grateful we are for all your help and support, you are SO KIND.

As you know the pressure on us this year has been HUGE, we still continue to take cats into our care and mostly they have needed instant treatment/surgery so our expenses are high and ongoing 😿

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH AGAIN – without your support and generosity we could not help as many cats/kittens as we do xx ❀ xx

Jenny organised and has run this Raffle from day one – Jenny Young without your FABULOUS help and dedication this Raffle would never have even got off the ground – THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH xx😻xx




We are looking for caring and safe loving homes for all our Rescue Cats and they all are patiently waiting for your call

521778 Anytime

We like you to spend quality time with our cats when you visit so you can see their true characters as you need to know whether they will suit you, your lifestyle and your home

We are respecting social distancing to keep us all safe and please wear a face mask when you visit us 🐈

We look forward to meeting you soon

 ❀❀❀ ALL LOOKING FOR LOVE ❀❀❀            

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When cats/kittens come into our care all for MANY different reasons – some domestic – some feral/semi feral – some having been neglected/abandoned and left to fend for themselves. They ALL need help, they all need care and they all deserve a loving, safe permanent home to live out their lives.

As a Charity we do our very best to match the right cat/kitten to the home we know will suit their temperaments and their needs the best.
As many of you will know we do pre-home visits, and in some cases even before a prospective owner has meet the cat/kitten they feel they would like to adopt – in some cases we are requested to do this by the family coming to us with adoption in mind.
We carry out follow-up visits also to make sure all is well and also ask our new owners to contact us if they have any concerns or queries. We are here to support the people who adopt from us at any time throughout the years.
We stay responsible for EVERY cat/kitten we rehome and if something goes wrong in the new owners’ life they know we will take the cat back into our care at any time, whether it is 10 months or 10+ years. We are here for them 24/7 😻
All our cats and kittens are screened for Feline leukeamia and Feline AIDS – neutered/spayed/vaccinated/microchipped/flea & worm protected/health checked and our adoption donation is Β£45.



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Neuter/Spay your cat/kitten 16 weeks and over.

Neutering helps to save suffering, neglect, and homelessness.
When a cat/kitten is sold/given away privately you have no idea if they are going to stay in that home or be passed around – cats on average live 15-19 sometimes longer so a VERY long commitment – all the cats coming into our care were acquired privately originally – because you cant safeguard those animals throughout their lives (we can) once they leave you then PLEASE PLEASE DON’T BREED

If you need help/advice please don’t hesitate to call us – ANYTIME – if I miss your call please leave a clear message and your phone number.




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