‘Jemma’ is a lovely affectionate little girl (or not so little !!) and she is now looking for a loving home. ‘Jenna’ is 6 years old and she would really like to be the only pet so she can be the centre of attention !! Why share when you can have your human slaves all to yourself !!!

We are not at all sure why ‘Jemma’ has become homeless, but we have done all we can to find her owner. Maybe they have moved away, I guess it will just remain a mystery. She has been living in someone’s garden for 3 months, so something has obviously gone very wrong in her little life.

If you would like to come along and meet ‘Jemma’ please do get in touch with us on 521778 or email: felinewelfareiow@hotmail.co.uk she awaits your call……………

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