‘Nibs’ was injured when he came into our care during the Pandemic. The wound on his cheek was necrotic when he came into our care as it hadn’t been treated 😿 He had the wound debrided and at the same time was tested for feline leukeamia and Feline AIDS and was neutered.

‘Nibs’ has such a huge character and he desperately needs a home to call his own. He was originally with other cats & dogs in his very original home apparently, but wasn’t happy being one of many so I think he will benefit greatly by being the only pet so he can gave your undivided attention ❤

If you feel you would like to come along and meet ‘Nibs’ he is only a phone call away. You are very welcome to call us anytime on 521778 and come along to spend time with this gorgeous boy ❤

We are obviously respecting the social distancing to keep both yourselves and us safe.

‘Nibs’ is with me in Newport ❤

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