‘Oliver’ came to us with 3 other adult cats in February, but it was soon evident to us that all was not well. His past was one of neglect – he (and his relatives) were undoctered, flea and worm infested with no roof over their heads, only a neighbours greenhouse to shelter in all year round. ‘Oliver’ sadly had extreme kidney disease, but while we could support him with medication and give him a good quality of life we just wanted to show him love, comfort, warmth and just TRY and make up for his miserable life so far. I feel we did this and he has left this life knowing what love really is. ‘Oliver’ was SO affectionate, he would sit on our laps for hours on end he was also very trusting. ‘Bonnie’ could often be seen grooming him and washing behind his ears which he loved, so as well as our attention he had his furry friend with him too.

‘Oliver’ you have left us with so much sadness, but you will always be very lovingly remembered. Your stay with us was SO short but you will be remembered and loved FOREVER.

Rest in Peace little one xxx


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