‘Peaches’  went to live with Fred, her previous owner about 2 years ago. Prior to that she had apparently been in a home with other cats which she didn’t get on with.

Fred had lost his dear companion of 22 years – ‘Clairol’ – and having always had at least one feline friend throughout his life he offered ‘Peaches’ a home when her owner could no longer keep her.

Fred sadly passed away which left poor ‘Peaches’ homeless yet again. She had been an indoor cat, we think for most of her life so in her new home now she is a ‘bungalow cat’ and is LOVING every minute xx It wasn’t very long at all before this gorgeous little girl was chosen by a lovely couple and she moved in with them very soon after. Her new Mum and Dad love her to bits so she is now HOME AT LAST bless her xx


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