‘Polly’ came into care in an appalling condition. She was a very sad little cat with various signs of neglect, but she slowly started to respond to all the TLC, good food and warmth which was very rewarding for all concerned. ‘Polly’ sadly had cancer on her ear flaps so these were removed as they would not heal. ¬†She made a fantastic recovery and seemed very much happier after her surgery. Several months passed but the cancer returned just below her nose this time. ‘Polly’ remained happy and unaffected for a long time but sadly that began to change in November so it was decided to let her go quietly to sleep. This dear little girl was such a brave little warrior and she will always hold a special place in our hearts. Jenny looked after ‘Polly’ during this last year of her life and she has left her paw prints on many people’s hearts. Rest In Peace Little One – You Will Always be Remembered xx

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