‘Poppy’ is 5 months old ¬†was sadly looking for a new home due to no fault of her previous owner. ‘Poppy’ was given to her without prior arrangement and although the lady has loved and cared for her it has caused her other cat great distress, so for ‘Daisy’s’ wellbeing we were asked to find ‘Poppy’ a new home. ‘Poppy’ is really, really happy and now has several feline playmates in her new home, and ‘Daisy’ now has her life back – she is happy, relaxed and back to her old self which is great news.

‘Poppy’ is a delightful little character and it is lovely that she settled so quickly and so well with her new family. One thing is for sure she is now in a loving home FOR LIFE x ¬†Thank You Marjory and Noel for taking ‘Poppy’ into your hearts and your home.

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