‘Sable’ – ‘Honey’

‘Sable’ black L/H is 10 years old and ‘Honey’ will be 9 this year. Their ‘Mum’ sadly passed away earlier this year having lost her brave fight against cancer.

These adorable cats went to Corinne, who does foster for us on occasions. They are both now though totally settled with Corinne’s feline boys and all are very happy. ‘Sable’ and ‘Honey’ were ‘flat cats’ whilst with Judy apart from the last few months when she moved to a house so they had access to an enclosed courtyard. They now have access to a lovely garden, but cats being cats they don’t stay in the garden all the time but just love to explore in and around their new home !!

I am sure Judy has peace of mind that ‘Sable’ and ‘Honey’ are now happy and settled, even though she is no longer here with us and of course her beloved pets.


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