‘Shadow’ turned up as a stray matted, dirty and starving. He was very frightened and had obviously been trying to fend for himself for quite some time. He was undoctered, but needless to say we remedied that quite quickly !!

We shall never know where ‘Shadow’ came from originally but his ‘previous’ life is probably best forgotten. He has gone from a frightened, shivering, starving cat to a now magnificent,confident, handsome boy. He has more than doubled his original weight, and although he is not overweight he now weighs in at almost 7kg – when we took him into care he was less 3kg !!!!

It is thanks to Lindsey, who fostered ‘Shadow’ for several months, working very hard to bring him round, with lots of TLC and patience, and also his new owner Andrea, without these two ladies in his life his story may not have been such a success. Thank You for making this gorgeous furry persons life VERY well worth living.

HOME AT LAST ‘Shadow’ xxx

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