‘Toffee’ – ‘Peanut’ – ‘Freddie’

‘Toffee’ and ‘Peanut’ were born outside as ‘Millie’ (their Mum) had obviously been abandoned and left to fend for herself. We took them all into care after ‘Millie’ arrived in someone’s garden where when realizing they had ‘visitors’ started to feed this little family. ‘Freddie’ came to us following a visit we made to a family who were giving away one of his siblings outside a Supermarket on the Island !! We have also had his ‘Mum’ spayed to prevent this happening again. ‘Freddie’ was just under 8 weeks when he came into care and he settled in instantly with ‘Jess’ and her kittens !!

These gorgeous kittens are SO happy now in their new home – ‘Freddie’ now renamed ‘Louie’ took over as soon as his velvet paws stepped out of our carrier, ‘Toffee’ and ‘Peanut’ – now renamed ‘Sooty’ and ‘Sweep’ took a little while to build up their confidence but now all three kittens are really settled and happy which is FANTASTIC. They now have their life ahead of them and will never want for anything ever again xx


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