I Am Really Sorry But We Only Home Our Rescue Cats & Kittens On The Isle of Wight



Our Fund Raising has been badly affected by the Covid restrictions BUT the pleas for help have increased dramatically. We have taken in SO many injured and sick cats/kittens this year it has been a real challenge to make ends meet, also the cost of some of the surgery/ treatments have been really high and ongoing. We have had fractured limbs and ‘Daisy’ with her fractured jaw, also cats coming in with gangrenous wounds needing surgery, and a list of casualties needing help. 😿

To help Feline Welfare with our constant work for IW cats/ kittens Jenny Young, Jacquie Bennett and Nikki Hazelgrove are running a Christmas Raffle which is now LIVE.

The draw will take place on the 5th December 2020 at 1pm at Oakwood Manor, Newport PO30 5PH.We are hoping and praying this GIANT RAFFLE will help raise much-needed funds so we can continue our Rescue work for many less fortunate felines on our beautiful Island. ❀

We are hoping to have over 70 prizes for the Raffle and ANY donations to help fill more Hampers will be GREATLY appreciated. Jenny has contacted 50 businesses on the Island including Ferry Companies – Beauty Salons – Pet Shops – Supermarkets – Hotels – Hairdressers – Tapnell Farm – Lakeside the list is endless. We hope there are ‘cat lovers’ amongst all these companies and that they will agree to support us and our furry friends. 😻

You are welcome to call,

Jenny (Feline Welfare Trustee) on:Β 01983 521 882 or 07926 019 745

Nikki (Founder/Director) on: 01983 521 778 or 07423 050 662

If you would like to donate to our Raffle or buy Raffle Tickets, which are Β£1 for a strip of 5 tickets, alternatively, you can contact us via this post or Facebook Messenger
We have a Bank Account and a Pay Pal account so now all set up to run this Raffle for our feline friends 🐈

PLEASE Help Us To Help Them – To Do This We Are Asking You To Support Our Raffle So We Can Make Many Sad Tales Into VERY HAPPY ‘TAILS’ ❀




We are looking for caring and safe loving homes for all our Rescue Cats and they all are patiently waiting for your call

521778 Anytime

We like you to spend quality time with our cats when you visit so you can see their true characters as you need to know whether they will suit you, your lifestyle and your home

We are respecting social distancing to keep us all safe and are more than happy to wear face masks if you so wish

We look forward to meeting you soon

             ❀❀❀ ALL LOOKING FOR LOVE ❀❀❀


🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾When cats/kittens come into our care all for MANY different reasons – some domestic – some feral/semi feral – some having been neglected/abandoned and left to fend for themselves. They ALL need help, they all need care and they all deserve a loving, safe permanent home to live out their lives.

As a Charity we do are very best to match the right cat/kitten to the home we know will suit their temperaments and their needs the best.
As many of you will know we do pre home visits, and in some cases even before a prospective owner has meet the cat/kitten they feel they would like to adopt – in some cases we are requested to do this by the family coming to us with adoption in mind.
We carry out follow up visits also to make sure all is well and also ask our new owners to contact us if they have any concerns or queries. We are here to support the people who adopt from us at any time throughout the years.
We stay responsible for EVERY cat/kitten we rehome and if something goes wrong in the new owners life they know we will take the cat back into our care at any time, whether it is 10 months or 10+ years. We are here for them 24/7 😻
All our cats and kittens are screened for Feline leukeamia and Feline AIDS – neutered/spayed/vaccinated/microchipped/flea & worm protected/health checked and our adoption donation is Β£45.



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Neuter/Spay your cat/kitten 16 weeks and over.

Neutering helps to save suffering, neglect and homelessness.
When a cat/kitten is sold/given away privately you have no idea if they are going to stay in that home or be passed around – cats on average live 15-19 sometimes longer so a VERY long committment – all the cats coming into our care were acquired privately originally – because you cant safeguard those animals throughout their lives (we can) once they leave you then PLEASE PLEASE DON’T BREED

If you need help/advice please dont hesitate to call us – ANYTIME – if I miss your call please leave a clear message and your phone number .


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