Our gorgeous ‘Archie’ is looking for a loving, quiet (so no young children) patient and understanding home.

He was found as a stray, sheltering under cars for several days too frightened to come out so he could be taken to safety – he was about 4 months at the time. He was eventually trapped by Jane and Colin and it was from there in that life started to look up for him.

We recently homed ‘Archie’ but sadly one of the other cats is being really unpleasant to him so we must now find him a SUPER home where he will be loved, happy, relaxed in fact ADORED.

I am hesitant to home him again with other cats now as wouldn’t want this to happen again. This little boy doesnt have a nasty hair on his body, he is gentle, loving and SO trusting once he knows you.

If you feel you are who ‘Archie’ is desperate to find please do call ANYTIME on 521778.
If I miss your call please leave a message/number so I can get back to you …….


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