Internet – Kittens Scams – BEWARE!

There will soon be endless kittens looking for homes on the Island and Nationwide. At present we are beginning to see unwanted pregnant cats and older kittens needing to come into care – sadly this is only the start.

Over 1,000 cats and kittens are taken into care EVERY year on the Island, but sadly there is not always space in the Rescue Centres for all those who need help, as we are all full to overflowing throughout the year.

There are endless scams on the Internet involving mainly kittens and puppies for sale – although in most cases the animals do not exist – it is sad to think that some people will fall for this deception, and become a victim of it. Some of the Internet sites are more reliable than others, and if you notify them of any scams they WILL remove the posts.

When planning to purchase a kitten there are always of course the Rescue Centres to try first, as they would be Vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped and in some cases neutered/spayed before being rehomed.  If a private outlet is being considered it is important to see that the breeder is reliable, and that they are only selling animals who have been checked by a Vet and have had at least the basic care eg a suitable diet and have received appropriate flea/worm treatments.  Pedigree cat breeders should only sell fully vaccinated kittens/cats with all the relevant paperwork in order (in some cases microchipped) and again they should be fully Vet checked. The kittens should always be seen with the mother – do not be tempted to buy from anyone who is unable to invite you to do this.

‘Hobby Breeders’ seem to be on the increase. Some may well be reliable but there are some who are not. There is a Maine Coon breeder on the Island who advertises under this heading, but in reality is actually running a ‘KITTEN FARM.’  The cats/kittens are being kept in stables, and the breeder does not live on site. Most of their ‘trade’ is done via the Internet so you will never see the kittens with the mother OR see where they are being born and reared, and where the parents are being kept on the long-term. The kittens are not vaccinated and there is no guarantee of their health status.

If you are planning to bring a new furry friend into your home and you are not sure if the outlet you are considering is a reliable one then go to your Vet for advice. Hopefully you will have your new pet for many, many years.

If you need any advice please don’t hesitate to call us on 521778 or email:

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