‘Boris’ came to us as an undoctered stray. He obviously hadn’t had a home for a very long time, but he did visit a very kind couple most days laterly for food.

Poor ‘Boris’ (sorry it was during Lockdown !!!) came to us with a huge gangrenous wound on his neck – he was flea/worm infested and was a VERY frightened boy 😿 Due to the extent of his injuries he was taken straight to our Vets to have the wound debrided and while he was asleep he was tested for feline leukaemia and feline AIDS and was castrated. The wound needed twice daily treatment for about 2 months but now is totally healed 😺

‘Boris’ may be wary initially but believe me you will be wearing him once he knows he can trust you !!!! Because of his awful life prior to coming to us he is looking for a quiet home, so no young children. I think he would go with a none aggressive cat as he holds long conversations with our permanent feline friends here 😻 But probably not a dog due to his experiences when ‘on the streets.’

If you would like to meet our ‘Boris’ you are very welcome to come along and spend some quality time with him.

We are obviously respecting the social distancing between yourselves and our foster carers.

‘Boris’ is with me in Newport and you are welcome to call anytime on 521778 ❤


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