Can You Help ?

We are appealing for loving, caring, safe homes for these gorgeous pedigree cats 😿

‘Matilda’ – Ragdoll – 8-9 years

‘Sapphire’ – BSH X – 5-6 years

They have all been rescued by Barbara over several years while she lived on the mainland.

Barbara has sadly just been diagnosed with cancer which is SO, SO sad, and she now has a very long journey to hopefully a full recovery 😢 She has spent many years clearing up the mess ‘breeders’ have made 😢😿

They have always been indoor cats.

We have now found FANTASTIC homes for – ‘Frigga’ Norwegian Forest Cat – ‘Mabel’ Persian X – ‘Biscuit’ Norwegian Forest Cat with a deformed hind leg – ‘Tess’ Tabby girl – ‘Herbie’ Exotic.😻

If you would like to help in anyway you are welcome to call us anytime on 521778 ❤

We will of course be doing pre home visits and follow up visits which we do for every cat/kitten who comes into our care ❤


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