Winter Newsletter 2018/19

Well, summer has most definitely left many happy memories of glorious, warm weather and wall to wall sunshine! Now we face what looks like cold, wind and rain, and it seems plenty of the latter at the moment! Whatever the weather, or the time of year, our feline friends still need our help and that of the other Rescue Centres too. The hot weather did cause added suffering to the poor mites on the streets trying to fend for themselves. Some, of course, were lucky and were offered food and water, and sometimes shelter, but those not receiving that help, …

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Summer Newsletter 2018

Here we are again, with the best Summer we have had in a very long time ! It is though taking its toll on some of our less fit feline friends. Particularly those living on the streets with no proper provisions.

I will firstly tell you something about the cats who we are trying to find loving, safe homes for at this present time.

‘Monty’ 2 years and ‘Bo’ approx. 8 years have a really sad story to tell. They have been badly neglected and were living out with no access to comfort or warmth, year in year out. Our aim now …

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Winter Newsletter 2017/18

Another year is very nearly over – it must be my age but it seems only yesterday I was writing the Summer Newsletter! Yes definitely my age!

Well this year has been busy for various reasons but we have turned several sad ‘tails’ into very, very happy ‘tails’ which is wonderful. To see an animal go from neglect to be truly ADORED is such a fantastic feeling and we will continue our work with those who REALLY need help and make their little lives worth living with caring people who will love them unconditionally forever.

We are at present running our ‘Blitz …

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Summer Newsletter 2017


‘Shade’ our little MIRACLE !
‘Shade’ came to us last November and although she was 4 months of age she was no bigger than an 8 week old kitten and weighed just 1.2kg.
‘Shade’ had extreme breathing difficulties which originally was thought to be a congenital heart defect but this was very quickly ruled out when Kerry, at Pet Doctors, carried out a scan.
Obviously ‘Shade’ was a very high anaesthetic risk, and the weeks that followed were not easy believe me. She would play but only for about 20-30 seconds as she would then have to stop because of her breathing. …

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Summer Newsletter 2016

We have had a very interesting year so far, some of which we could have well done without!
Although we have been rescuing for nearly 37 years we are now finding it increasingly difficult to find suitable homes for our many less fortunate feline friends. As a result of this we are not only taking cats and kittens, both domestic and feral, in for rehoming but we are also running a Sanctuary for those we are unable to home for various reasons.

We have had ‘Dougal’ – ‘Alfie’ and ‘Pippa’ for three years.  They were all born outside so were feral when …

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Winter Newsletter 2016/2017

Well here we are again with more ‘tails’ to tell! This year seems to have gone in a flash, ‘or maybe that’s just my age (which we won’t go into now!) I have been rescuing animals for 37 years – initially dogs, cats and small animals, now we concentrate on our feline friends both domestic and feral.

We have again helped people and their pets when they have been admitted into Hospital as an emergency. They have had no time to make any plans for their animals, which has resulted each time in their beloved pets being ‘home alone.’

‘Sheba’ is one …

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Winter Newsletter 2015/2016

We have had yet another busy year with many ‘tails’ to tell. Rehoming sadly has been very slow with our many furry friends having to wait a long time to catch someone’s eye. We have found some fantastic homes though and as always are very, very grateful to everyone who has adopted one or more of the cats in our care.

The last few years have seen an increase in the number of cats/kittens needing help, but this year has been particularly difficult in so many ways, but I think we have managed to survive SOMEHOW and have rescued many little …

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Summer Newsletter 2015

Well this year has certainly seen a large number of ferals coming our way!! We have neutered/spayed nearly 40, most of which have gone back to their original sites, which has to be the best choice from the cats’ point of view as they know their surroundings, so no traumatic move to a location unknown to them. We will only return or rehome feral cats and kittens if they are going to be fed, provided with suitable shelter and of course their long term welfare needs met. At one of the sites we were asked to reduce their numbers, …

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Winter Newsletter 2014/2015

WOW !!! Now I have never started a Newsletter this way ever before !! I thought for a change I would begin with our successes, and one of those HAS to be the incredible response we have had from the ‘Spaying Blitz’ which we have been running with Pet Doctors Veterinary Hospital.  Initially it was supposed to be for September and October only, but because so many people were coming forward for help we decided between us to extend it. We are almost at the end of November as I write and so far we have neutered 39 males and …

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I always try to find an original way to start our Newsletter but the only words I can find that are appropriate are ‘here we go again!’ The calls for help are relentless and although all the Rescue Centres are all trying their very best we still can’t accommodate all those needing help.  There are some really sad situations where people are having to give up their best friend due to ill health or other unavoidable social situations that they are finding themselves in; it is heart breaking for them and also for us listening to their sad stories…  On …

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