Paws at Peace


Today has been devastating. We lost dear little ‘Reggie’ from liver disease. So young, so adorable, so trusting but the inbreeding on the farm took its toll 😿

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💞 ‘Amber’ is approx 9 years old and came to us badly neglected and pregnant !! 😿

This little girl is staying with us as a permanent resident as she is still receiving Veterinary treatment which may well be ongoing. ‘Amber’ has settled in SO well 💞


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Dear ‘Maisie’

‘Maisie’s’ sadly lost her life to a reckless. speeding driving – a heartless act of total, unnecessary destruction to a harmless, loving little girl.

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Dear ‘Ben’ came to us about 12 years ago but he has very sadly now been laid to rest at the grand age of 17. He was a very special boy and will stay in our hearts forever

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‘Sooty’ has very sadly passed away. She lost her brother almost exactly a year ago and now she is with him once again


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‘Bonnie’ has sadly lost her little life to the road. Rest In Peace Little One – we miss you SO much


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‘Susie’ has recently been quietly laid to rest. She was 17 years old and has spent the last 6 months with us here – she was a true little star


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‘Sully’ has sadly been laid to rest due to renal failure. We had known ‘Sully’ since he was a kitten – he was a fantastic boy with a massive character IMG_2520

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‘Daisy’ was nearly 17 years old but sadly her little life has come to an end. She was diabetic but it is believed she latterly had heart failure. This little girl is greatly missed, but we are so glad we were there for her in the last lap of her life


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‘Bobby’ has sadly passed away. We believe he either had a heart attack or an embolism as it was such a sudden death. His owners are devastated understandably and we too are sharing their grief.

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