UPDATE: ‘Daisy’ has a SUPER new home to go to and will be moving in with her new Mum next week ❤ We feel this lovely little girl may well come into her own as a single cat as her home will be purely hers with no sharing the limelight.

‘Daisy’ is between 7- 8 years old and sadly her ‘Mum’ has recently gone into care 😢

‘Daisy’ came to us with ‘Millie’ tabby – 8 years old. ‘Daisy’ isnt very brave and she doesn’t interact with ‘Millie’ and vise versa. We feel because ‘Millie’ is SO friendly and loves ALL the attention ‘Daisy’ has probably lived a little in the shadows of her older sister.

‘Daisy’ has done well since she has been with us and has settled really well ❤

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