‘George’ came to us as a ‘stray’ in an appalling condition. He was skin and bone, dehydrated and had the worst matting I have ever seen


‘George’ was shaved while he was still conscious as it was too risky to sedate him at that stage, but the priority was to make him more comfortable as quickly as possible.


‘George’ is undoctered and very, very badly neglected. Needless to say no one has come forward for him ….. just as well really !!!

He is such a gorgeous boy, very, very affectionate and likes nothing better than to sit on your lap for hours on end, purring for all he is worth !! Sadly ‘George’ isn’t in good health, but we just want to care for him, love and keep him warm and comfortable for as long as we can.

Bit of a strange haircut but hey he is happy and dearly loved and ADORES his food – quite a different story though before he came into our care. You are safe now little man xx

All this is SO unnecessary. No doubt he was a much sought after kitten many years ago, as he is probably about 8 years of age, if not more. If his original owner had neutered and microchipped him he could have been helped alot sooner. Or if the owner no longer wanted him, or was unable to keep him then it would have been far kinder to rehome him or take him to one of the rescue centres. Thank goodness someone in the area made his plight known and we were then able to take this dear boy from a living hell.


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