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Almost every time we take in an older cat we find they have not had any dental treatment over the years and their mouths are in an appalling state. Some are riddled with infection and have really bad teeth that have gone too far to be save. Apart from really bad oral health all the debris and effects of the infection are going inside the body as well, which is obviously detrimental to the cats general health.


We took in two cats earlier this year, one was 17 the other one 15. Both their mouths were APALLING.  They needed extensive treatment, the older one had only 4 teeth left after the surgery and ‘Oscar’ only 2. They needed ongoing antibiotic treatment to clear the infection and imflammation in their mouths, and prior to surgery it was impossible to look into their mouths properly because of the intense pain they were in when touched. Once the infection and inflammation had cleared we could then see that ‘Oscar’ had an oral tumour – which was a direct result of his very poor oral health – we sadly lost him less than a month after diagnosis. This should never have happened – if things had been different he may still be here today.


Within a few days we took in a stray, believed to be 12-14 years old and two brothers nearly 14 years old – AGAIN we were faced with mouths that hadn’t been taken care of.


It is not just older cats we find have dental problems – cats sometimes only 5 or 6 years old also come into care with mouths leaving a lot to be desired. Not only does this have a detrimental effect on the animal but where dental treatment is quite expensive, it is also a tremendous drain on our funds – and it is an avoidable condition if the owners take proper care of their pet !


Most of us visit our dentist at least twice a year, but so many give NO thought to their animals teeth !! How many times have you heard a cat or dog owner say the animal’s breath is so awful they have to push them away !!! It doesn’t take much surely to put two and two together !!


Please do get your animal’s teeth – cats, dogs and the small furries – checked at least annually by your Vet, and as they get older, or if they start to show signs that all is not well, more regular checks are needed. Prevention is better than cure – if their mouths are kept up to scratch they will keep their teeth for longer and you will keep them infection free – also your money will stay in the Bank and not end up in the Vets account !!


It is advisable for your furry friend to be checked over by a Vet at least annually, and in some cases more frequently, so their general health can be kept an eye on – all conditions will be far easier to treat if caught early – look upon it as an MOT and service – well you do it for your car so why not give your pet the same privileges ?!!

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