moved in and taken overΒ  !!! πŸ’ž

‘Mally’ originally came to the UK from Malta. A couple were on holiday there and saw him straying in a park. They felt they couldn’t leave him there, so a rescue group in Malta said they would prepare him so he could come and live with them in this country, which is what happened. Sadly he has been declawed, even though it is apparently illegal in Malta. It is thought it was probably done when he was a kitten, or very young cat, I wonder how the Vet would feel if someone removed his finger nails ? I don’t think he would agree to that do you ……….

‘Mally’ needs to go to a quiet home as he will be a little weary until he accepts his new ‘parents’ but is very loving once he feels settled. Poor boy has had alot of changes in his life, so we really want this to be his very last move.

He needs to have safe access outside during the day, as there is no saying how long he was straying in Malta, and since being in the UK he has always had access outside – he would take exception if that freedom was denied, but I do think in the right home he will like to spend time indoors with his human slaves as well !!

Because he has had his front claws removed he has lost one of his defences also his ability to climb will also be effected, having said that he has coped with life very well so far.

πŸ’ž ‘Mally’ is now very happy and settled in his new home and we hope now his travels are OVER xx πŸ’ž


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