‘Precious’ has such an amazing character. She was originally a pregnant stray, but there were no trace of any kittens, so we presume she sadly lost them.

An elderly lady in the area was trying to help her, and although she was extremely timid, she made sure she was getting regular food.

Slowly but surely this little girl moved in with this lady and began to trust her. It wasn’t long before ‘Precious’ (as she was later named) showed signs of being pregnant again. This time though the kittens were born in the flat so when old enough they could be rehomed. We then booked ‘Precious’ in to be spayed and microchipped.

Sadly her ‘Mum’ passed away recently so we took ‘Precious’ into our care – also ‘Rupert’ who was also moving into the flat and is almost definitely the father of the kittens !!



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