‘Shade’ – Our Little STAR

 ‘Shady Lady’ With Her True Heroes – Kerry McNie and Simon Baker at Pet Doctors Newport.


We have some FANTASTIC and WONDERFUL News !!!

You may remember us telling you ‘Shade’s’ story, but to refresh your memory will give you a quick outline.

‘Shade’ came to us in November – although she was 4 months old she was no bigger than an 8 week old kitten. The first time I saw her I was sure she had a congenital heart defect as she had very laboured breathing. She had been born outside and we were in fact neutering/spaying/microchipping all the cats and returning them to the lady who was providing for them. They weren’t house cats so I was really concerned about ‘Shade.’ THANKFULLY they agreed I could bring her home with me, and I would give her whatever natural life she may have. She had been seen by a Vet and they said she was unlikely see Christmas.


We took ‘Shade’ to our Vets and they also thought there were problems with her heart ……… not so !!!!!! Kerry did a scan and her heart was working normally BUT there was ‘something’ behind the heart that shouldn’t have been there ??

Our dilemma was it was far too risky for her to have an anaesthetic or sedation. Little girl has been seen several times by Kerry and Simon at Pet Doctors and on a recent visit Simon was sure her kidneys were misplaced and in completely the wrong place. She had by this stage put on 0.5kg (she originally weighed 1.2kg) so had grown to about the size of a 14 week old kitten (even though she is coming up to 9 months !!) DECISION time …… Simon explained that if they left her she would at some stage have a ‘terminal crisis’ and they would not be able to save her. SO after much heart searching on EVERYONE’S part TODAY WAS THE DAY to right what was wrong.

‘Shade’ had a scan and an Xray today and coped with that really well Simon then went on to operate……..
This dear little girl did, as suspected, have a diaphragmatic hernia. Some of her abdominal organs were lying in her chest cavity, so restricting her lungs, and other organs had been shunted backwards.
NOW ….. well all her organs are in the right place AND HER UTERUS HAS BEEN REMOVED !! Her lungs inflated naturally as soon as the organs were moved, which was FANTASTIC.

She is now home (helping me to type this – in fact keeps pressing the keys !!) is purrrring for England, goes off to eat or drink and settles down beside me again !!!

This Little Girl is A STAR – but instead of one shining in the sky, she is here with us safe, sound and very happy. Her breathing now normal and her character as HUGE as ever.

I would so like to thank both Simon and Kerry for working together to not only save ‘Shade’s’ life but enabling her to live on after this very major surgery.
I will NEVER forget this day and I will remain ETERNALLY grateful.

This injury was caused by ‘Shade’ having an accident, and was not a congenital diaphragmatic hernia, HOW she survived at the time God only knows, but she did AND she has survived AGAIN.

These photos were taken less than 22 hours after her undergoing major surgery tucking into tuna – her favourite !!!


‘Shady Lady’ with her ‘Braveheart Award’ from Pet Doctors, Newport – Our Little STAR xx


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