‘Sid’ is probably about 2 years old if not younger. We presume he had been hit by a car but had a complicated fracture plus nerve damage as there was no sensation at all in his injured leg 😿 ‘Sid’ has had his leg amputated and has done SO well with adapting to three legs – he really has been amazing ❤

This little man was undoctered and flea/worm infested when he came into our care – needless to say all the necessary alterations were made straight away !! He has also been tested for feline leukaemia and feline AIDS.

‘Sid’ had apparently been a stray for at least a year with no home to call his own 😿 We now want to change all that for him and find him a safe and loving home where he will be ADORED ❤ Our plan for him is that he will be looking to start his new life at the end of July or thereabouts.

If you feel you would like to come along and meet ‘Sid’ he is just a phone call away. You are welcome to call anytime on 521778.

We are obviously respecting the social distancing to keep both you and us safe.

‘Sid’ is with me in Newport if you feel you would like to spend some quality time with him you would be very welcome ❤

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