‘Shadow’ – ‘Sheba’ – ‘Simba’

We are unsure whether ‘Simba’ and ‘Sheba’ are brother and sister, but they are both under two years of age. ‘Shadow’ we presume is ‘Sheba’s’ kitten – and she was about 5 months when they came into care. ¬†We were told that they were strays but no one has come forward to claim them. I think most people would notice if they lost one cat let alone three !!? Maybe someone moved away and left them ? We shall never really know, but they have now put their past firmly behind them !!

This dear little family are SO happy in their new home, and it is incredible that they were all able to stay together thanks to their new Mum and Dad x Thank You SO much for choosing these incredible characters and for offering them all a home for LIFE. Home At Last xx


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