I always try to find an original way to start our Newsletter but the only words I can find that are appropriate are ‘here we go again!’ The calls for help are relentless and although all the Rescue Centres are all trying their very best we still can’t accommodate all those needing help.  There are some really sad situations where people are having to give up their best friend due to ill health or other unavoidable social situations that they are finding themselves in; it is heart breaking for them and also for us listening to their sad stories…  On the other side of the coin though, you have SO MANY people producing kittens. In some cases the pregnancy wasn’t planned and they then go on to spay the mother, which is great news BUT many continue to breed and have no intention of spaying/neutering their pets. This is where the majority of the problems arise, and there are quite often welfare issues concerning these animals and their offspring. We try very hard to promote our Neutering Scheme on a regular basis but there really are not enough people coming forward. We are here to help with the cost for neutering/spaying and are only a phone call away…

We do have many ‘Happy Tails’ to tell although we are finding rehoming very slow this year; for every cat or kitten we rehome there is usually a very long queue of more needing to come into care. We try to make our furry people as happy and as comfortable as possible during their stay with us, but those who are with us for a long time must think they will never feel grass under their tiny paws again. We have some who have been with us for a year now, and they repeatedly get passed by, mainly because they are very wary when first meeting new people, but once they know you they are all over you like a rash! We are hoping to open a YouTube account in the not too distant future so we can show our rescue cats in action! We hope and pray it will help in finding them loving, permanent homes. We already occasionally put video’s on our Facebook Page/ Timeline and they do attract quite an audience!

‘Molly’ came into care in an appalling condition, she weighed barely 2kg she was flea and worm infested, dirty, unkempt and hungry.  She has more than doubled her body weight; her coat is perfect in every way, her feet are no longer painful to walk on. She LOVES her food and she is extremely contented in every way.  ‘Molly’ had extensive dental disease but that was remedied quite early on because of the adverse effect it was having on her. She recently needed to have her ear flaps removed due to skin cancer.  We tried very hard to heal her poor little ears but had to give up just a few weeks ago, the operation went well though and dear ‘Molly’ has recovered well, the worst is now over and I think this little furry person probably thinks she has been reborn – she certainly has been rebuilt!  She’s a real little champion  xx

‘Lillie’ our little 12 year old exotic, now has a super new home with Rachel and John and is absolutely adored.  Poor ‘Lillie’ had been treated appallingly by her previous owner, but after a lot of Veterinary treatment and lots of TLC she’s blossomed into a wonderful little cat. Her teeth were so bad she had all but 3 taken out, although she had to return to the ‘dentist’ recently to have those remaining 3 removed as they too were causing her problems.  Within a very short space of time she was eating for England, had regained the little weight she had lost and was one very happy and purry little person once again! Who needs teeth anyway especially when your gums have decided they don’t like them! Mind you it has cost us a fortune because ‘Lillie’ would insist on putting them all under her pillow for the tooth fairy! We have regular photos of ‘Lillie’ which is lovely. Home at last little one… xx

‘Sooty’ and ‘Mylo’ were made homeless in the storms over the Christmas period. The roof of the caravan, where they were living with their owner, blew off completely. He was put into emergency accommodation and once we knew of ‘Sooty’ and ‘Mylo’s’ plight we managed to take them into care thankfully. Although they are about 12 years old it wasn’t long before a lovely couple came forward to offer them a fabulous home! They also have a very lively spaniel, who of course is used to living with a cat. This really didn’t pose a problem at all because these two lovely cats had always lived with a dog, so to be honest they didn’t really bat an eyelid! I don’t think their new canine friend could really make out their ‘laid back’ attitude to begin with, but I don’t think they could be bothered to make a fuss because they knew who was going to be boss and it wasn’t going to be their new brother! We get regular photos of ‘Sooty’ and ‘Mylo’ and you can see they are just enjoying their retirement in the comfort they so dearly deserve. We haven’t heard back from their previous owner, but hope by now he is also happily settled and that he has been able to have his dog back with him as he was being looked after temporarily by a friend apparently.

‘Lyla’ came to us at 6-7 months of age and once we knew she was being shut out of the house completely I went up to get her.  When I asked where she was sleeping at night I was told ‘in the tree’.  Hmm, I was lost for words too! When I went to pick her up it was raining, so this poor little kitten was not only out in the cold she had nowhere to shelter from the rain either! Jill was able to foster this little girl for us which was great; after a few weeks, she worked her way into Jill’s heart and became a permanent resident! That was GREAT news, it really was! She has really settled in well with Jill’s other rescue cats (all of which are ex Feline Welfare!) So a very miserable start to her little life but believe me, she is definitely making up for lost time; she is one very happy little girl… AT LAST!

We sadly had to take one of our permanent foster cats back recently as her ‘Mum’ was becoming unwell and was unable to care for ‘Susie’ anymore.  ‘Susie’ is 17 now, and we were understandably apprehensive as to whether we would manage to find her a new home because of her advanced years.  Well miracles do happen and they happened very quickly for our little ‘Susie’!  Just over three weeks later she moved in with Betty and took over almost as soon as her velvet paws stepped out of our carrier. It was a lovely moment for me as I have known ‘Susie’ since she was a kitten, and I felt very sad taking her away from her previous owner, but seeing her so happy, so quickly made it much easier to bare – needless to say she hasn’t looked back since, she may be in her golden years but she eats well, plays with her toys and tears around the bungalow at a great speed of knots, she also likes to potter outside in the garden, something she had lost interest in doing latterly while in her previous home. Enjoy the rest of your life little one…

We told you ‘Twinkle’s’ story in our last Newsletter. Well she continues to do really well although she too, is of advanced years.  When she came to us last year she had a large cyst on her neck, but because she has a serious heart defect the Vets were not keen to intervene as she is an anaesthetic risk needless to say. But all that changed because this ghastly thing ulcerated and it just went from bad to worse.  It could no longer be left and various suggestions were made as to the safest way to remove this awful cyst. The morning I took her to the Vets isn’t one I would like to repeat in a hurry.  ‘Twinkle’ was taken from me in the waiting room and the operation commenced from there.  I didn’t know if I was going to see her alive again; it was a horrible time.  Her ‘fan club’ were also awaiting my call, they were also on tenterhooks.  It was probably one of the longest 20 minutes of my life but Neil suddenly appeared carrying ‘Twinkle’ in his arms, and I am sure both were grinning from ear to ear: Neil certainly was! They had managed to remove this cyst conscious! Neil and Paul had given her a local anaesthetic and being the star she is, and of course their expertise, it was all over in minutes! You know the worst part of all of this from ‘Twinkle’s’ point of view was that she HADN’T HAD ANY BREAKFAST! So we remedied that immediately and didn’t she tuck in! Within about 2 hours I think she had consumed at least three meals; mind you that is perfectly normal for our ‘little star’!  ‘Twinkle’ became Pet Doctors ‘Braveheart’ for the next two months which just shows what a brave little warrior she is.

‘Amy’ came to us having been living in someone’s garden for several months.  The lady was unable to take her indoors as the landlord didn’t allow pets in the property, but she did provide her with food and shelter when attempts to trace the owner failed.  She is obviously an older cat and when she came into our care she was flea and worm infested, she also had open sores over parts of her poor little body, which was a reaction to the fleas.  Since she has been treated regularly with a reliable spot-on flea treatment, these lesions have healed and not reoccurred.  She basically needed lots of love, warmth and a good wash and brush up! ‘Amy’ is such a little character and so easy to care for. She is now clean inside and out and one very happy little girl, in fact she has put her past well behind her and is just enjoying life. We still think ‘how could her owners have done this to her?’ But they did… It is their loss…

‘Nigel’ came to us having literally been rescued from the jaws of a Staffordshire bull terrier! It is a miracle that he wasn’t killed, but he somehow escaped serious injury or worse. The owners hadn’t taken him to a Vet, so by the time we were called several hours had passed. Our Vets admitted him for X-rays etc and amazingly there didn’t seem to be any lasting damage! That was one of his 9 lives used up for sure! Poor ‘Nigel’ was very bruised but I am pleased to say has made a full recovery. He is now in a very loving home, has been neutered etc and is now enjoying life where he is very dearly loved. The owners of the dog have been dealt with, but unfortunately they own two others as well.  I just hope a lesson has been learnt…

‘Bella’ turned up on a lady’s doorstep refusing to leave! This went on for several days and although she tried to trace the owner, all her enquiries bought no results. ‘Bella’ then came into our care and still no one came forward to report her missing. This dear little girl is now in a lovely new home, where she has settled really well. Perhaps her previous owner acquired another pet, or maybe they moved and left her behind – who knows.

‘Minnie’ was about 7 months old when she came into our care.  The kitten had been bought for the child, but the mother never really wanted to have a cat !!!  They eventually decided that they didn’t want her in the house either, so this poor little girl was shut out completely !! ‘Minnie’ was initially quite a timid little character – no surprise there really – but over the months began to trust and to blossom.  She is now in a lovely new home in a lovely country setting and she has made her new owners very happy. At long last she has someone to love and someone to love her back which is what owning an animal is all about, or so I thought!

We have lots of lovely cats and kittens all waiting patiently to catch someone’s eye, and their ages range from 2 months right up to 17 years old:

‘Geri’ is 17 and sadly her owner has just passed away. She is a dear little girl and we really hope someone will be willing to take her as a permanent foster. She is on medication for hyperthyroidism and we have recently had blood tests repeated which show her levels are all fine and kidneys etc are all in normal range. We would stay responsible for any Vet treatment which may be needed, and all her medication, all we would ask of a new owner would be to provide her every day needs, e.g. food, cat litter and possibly flea treatments and LOTS of TLC.  Her mum’s life has sadly come to an end but ‘Geri’  is still looking forward to living out her golden years in the comfort she so dearly deserves; she awaits your call…

‘Sully’ is 12 years old and is a big softy! Sadly his owner passed away suddenly so we obviously brought him back into care. We are now looking for a loving home for ‘Sully’ where he can live out his golden years in a happy and settled environment, if you feel you can find room in your heart and your home for this lovely boy please don’t hesitate to call us.

‘Lola’ and ‘Lucy’ are just under two years of age. They were left behind when their owners moved house, and they have now been with us for several months. They are lovely little characters, and do mix well with other cats.

‘Shadow’ has also been with us for quite some time now, and we would like, if possible, for her to be homed with ‘Tilly’. They have been sharing their accommodation here for several months now and do get on really well.  ‘Tilly’ is quite shy until she gets to know you, so it would be lovely if they could now stay together.

‘Ruby’ was straying in a very remote area on the Island – we thought she may well be claimed but unfortunately this hasn’t happened.  She is a lovely friendly little girl and we think she is about 2-3 years old.

‘Fifi’ and ‘Frankie’ are adorable; they too have been passed around to different homes before finding their way to us. Thankfully ‘Fifi’ wasn’t pregnant! They too are now coming up to 18 months of age, and are desperate to start their new lives in a loving home.

‘Ebony’,  ‘Alfie’, ‘Pippa’ and ‘Dougal’ have now been in our care for a year.  ‘Ebony’ was obviously a domestic pet but for whatever reason lost her home and had her 6 kittens in the roof space of someone’s shed.  One of the kittens was found when only about a week old so he was hand reared and has a permanent home with the couple who took him in when first found, and they have done an amazing job and he is a very loved little man.  Another kitten was found when about 6 weeks of age so she too eventually set off to her new home, but sadly by the time the other 4 kittens were brought to light by ‘Mum’ they were completely feral.  They really are adorable and very loving once they know you, but sadly they keep being passed by because they hide when people come and visit us.  We will never give up on them as one day the right person will come along for them, and in the meantime we give them as much love and time as we possibly can.  They are not still in a unit but are in the house so at least they have home comforts to enjoy while their long wait continues…

‘Bertie’ was a stray at a holiday camp on the Island. Some very concerned holiday makers tried without success to trace an owner, so thankfully before they left to return home to the mainland we managed to take him into care. ‘Bertie’ is probably middle aged and he is gorgeous. He is very ‘laid back’ and easy to please! We are looking for a home where he can be the only pet, not because he is aggressive with other cats, that is definitely not the case! We just feel that considering his past he really needs to feel he ‘belongs’ and it would be very sad, because he is such a softy, for another pet to perhaps make him feel insecure.

‘Mitsie’ is now almost a year old.  She had turned up on someone’s doorstep when only about 6 months of age but as an owner couldn’t be traced in the area she was brought to us for rehoming. She is a friendly little girl and definitely knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like!

‘Cleo’ gave birth to her kittens just three days after we took her into care! That was cutting it a bit fine I have to say, but at least we prevented her from having her kittens outside somewhere. This little family are now all looking for caring new owners and if you would like to visit the Adoption Page on our website : you can read more about them and also meet all of our furry feline friends who are desperately seeking caring new homes.


Fund Raising is on-going now we have some better weather (I really hope I am not going to regret saying that! It will probably rain for the next 6 weeks now…) Liz, Doug, Vanessa and Chris turn out endlessly to Car Boot Sales, Fayres etc, to raise much needed funds. Viv and John also sell items for us on eBay on a very regular basis which also is a great help and much appreciated. Without this dedication we would struggle to make ends meet, and as our outgoings are rising constantly we need all the help we can get, we really do.  As a Charity we never spend money on unnecessary ‘frills’ Why spend money on a glossy magazine when a cat in our care needs Veterinary treatment?

All our work is totally carried out by volunteers, myself included, and all this help is always given willingly for which we are most grateful. We are always happy to welcome ‘cat cuddlers’ as they are a vital part of every cat/kitten we have in care.  Although we try very hard to make the cat’s stay with us as pleasant and as homely as possible it isn’t nearly as nice as them having a loving home of their own.  Some, as you will have read, have a very long wait before given the opportunity to start new lives, so it is imperative to us that their time in care is the very best we can offer.  Anyone wishing to help us in any way will be welcomed with open arms; perhaps you may like to visit our website: where you can learn more about the work we do, and maybe you would like to join us even if you can only spare a couple hours occasionally.

As many of you will know we send out a large number of invites twice a year for our Fayres, at present being held at Holy Cross School, East Cowes.  We are concerned the way postage has increased in price dramatically. We will obviously still send invitations out to our supporters but if you would be happy to receive yours via email this would be a massive help to us, and of course save us a reasonable amount of money; the cats need it more than Royal Mail! If you were happy to help us in this way could I please ask you to email us on:  When the time comes and we are preparing for our bi-annual Fayres – generally mid-July and at the end of November/beginning of December – I can email the details to you with the confidence you will receive the notification in good time prior to the event. I know not everyone is on the Internet, and we have no intention of turning our backs on our very kind supporters, so if emailing is not possible you will still receive an invite through the post.

We continue to help as many cats and kittens as we possibly can; the impossible takes a little longer!  At present the demand to take cats and kittens into care is way above manageable levels for all the Rescue Centres on the Island, and Nationwide. We do still continue to promote our Special Neutering/Spaying and Microchipping Scheme at every opportunity, sadly not enough people are coming forward to benefit from this, but we are very grateful to those who do as they really are helping towards controlling the ever increasing number of unwanted cats and kittens on the Island. If we could we would offer neutering and spaying for FREE but sadly that isn’t at all practical or possible, but from my experience some owners will still not agree even when I have offered this; you really cannot win!

You may have recently seen a story in the County Press (4th July 2014) regarding the abandonment of at least two kittens/young cats on Gunville Road, Newport. Although the story has been shared extensively on the Internet sites as well we have still not been given any leads which may help in identifying the owner, or information giving details of the kittens who they cruelly abandoned.  Graham from Badger Trust IoW has been a tremendous help as he set up night vision cameras so we could see who was taking the food and water we were leaving down. To our amazement there were two young cats eating the food but we are now trying to establish whether they have owners, or are in fact the ones heartlessly abandoned in the area.  We do have the video coverage and Posters are being displayed in the Gunville area to see if anyone recognises these two cats.  They are not always hungry, always turn up overnight, never in daylight hours, so they may well have homes, whether together or separately is also a mystery as going by the camera footage they do not visit the food together! We have been covering the area over a 24 hour period, and this has been made possible only by several volunteers giving their time and commitment to this cause.  So grateful thanks must go to Corinne, Jenny, Sian and Mandy. Also Al came to the site with his sound equipment hoping to pick up any clues as to where these little creatures were hiding; sadly this was not successful either. We have had humane traps set but to no avail but rest assured we won’t give up.  Two supporters of Feline Welfare have offered a £200 reward for anyone exposing the details of the owner who abandoned these kittens to the Police;  as yet I do not think anyone has come  forward.  There was another litter abandoned in a cardboard box at another location in Newport on the same day. Were  the two incidents related, who knows.  Those kittens were only 2 weeks old and the finder took them to a Vet and RSPCA picked them up from there.

Stories like this are heart breaking but we really are pulling out all the stops to bring this to a happy conclusion, with the hope that this cruel, evil person is found and punished for abandonment under the Animal Welfare Act. We live in hope…

We will be back soon with more ‘tails’ to tell and we  hope  many  more ‘happy endings’.


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