Summer Newsletter 2016

We have had a very interesting year so far, some of which we could have well done without!

Although we have been rescuing for nearly 37 years we are now finding it increasingly difficult to find suitable homes for our many less fortunate feline friends. As a result of this we are not only taking cats and kittens, both domestic and feral, in for rehoming but we are also running a Sanctuary for those we are unable to home for various reasons.

We have had ‘Dougal’ – ‘Alfie’ and ‘Pippa’ for three years.  They were all born outside so were feral when they came into our care.  They have been together all this time but because they have remained nervous of strangers we have found it impossible to find a home for them. ‘Dougal’ did go to a home briefly but sadly came back after several weeks as he just wasn’t happy.


IMG_3117 SO to cut their very long story short we are now introducing them to our other permanent residents and we REALLY hope they will be happy living out their lives here, being free to come and go as they please, except at night of course! It is all going well so far so we live in hope.

‘Treacle’ came to us two years ago with her Mum and two brothers.  ‘Sooty’ and ‘Sweep’ went to live with Lin and Al when they were still very young but where the kittens were feral poor ‘Treacle’ continuously got passed by as she hid every time someone came to see her and Mum ‘Millie.’ We made the decision to let ‘Millie’ go to a new home back in April, as her future was being put on hold because of ‘Treacle’s’ timid character.  As soon as we did this we wished we had done it sooner! From day one ‘Treacle’ started mixing with our other residents and she is one VERY happy little girl! She can go in and out during the day but will NOT leave the garden! She can be seen lying in the sun with the rabbits and some of her feline friends, is completely confident (unless strangers visit!) and now has a life to look forward to.  ‘Millie’ on the other hand has settled into her new home and has her human slaves exactly where she wants them! It took a long time but these two little cats are now living in seventh heaven. Home At Last.


‘Libby’ is also one of our permanent residents.  She is now about 17 years old and appears to be very healthy for her age.  She eats little and often ….. about 20 times a day in fact! She too was living a feral existence, and as you would expect, permanently pregnant – we put an abrupt stop to that needless to say.  ‘Libby’ is adorable, she now doesn’t show any sign of wanting to go outside which I am quite happy with now she is of advanced years.  She gets on really well with all the other cats, in fact just takes ‘life’ in her stride, she is loving and very cuddly and loved by all who know her x


‘Molly’ and ‘Mittens’ have been with us a year now.  They originally came from a farm and again had not experienced human contact when they came to us – that all changed instantly! ‘Molly’ came round quicker than ‘Mittens’ but now they are very happy and settled and are enjoying living their lives here with us.  At night they can both be seen taking up most of MY bed snoring contentedly! IMG_3526

‘Tammi’ came to us having been found on a busy road late at night.  The weather was appalling but two young lads saw her, went back, picked this poor sodden little girl off the road and called us.  We took her straight to the Vet where she was put on a heat pad and a drip.  It wasn’t clear initially whether she would recover from the accident as she had neurological symptoms and we didn’t know if these would be long term, because of this we decided she should stay with us.  ‘Tammi’ had recently brought up kittens, but the area was searched to make sure her little family weren’t in the vicinity of where she was found.  How she came to be in this isolated area has always remained a mystery.  We had to concentrate on her future though, and I can honestly say she is one very contented little cat, she has recovered completely from her ordeal and although she has every opportunity to go out in the day she absolutely REFUSES to step over the threshold! She LOVES her home comforts, is more than happy with the other cats, both old and new, and has NO intention of going anywhere else!

Sadly the timid cats/kittens are frequently passed by by prospective new owners, and yet with time, patience and lots of TLC they do make fantastic pets.  We now have 23 cats living permanently with us, most because they are nervous of people they don’t know, and some need ongoing treatment or are elderly.  They all have access to the outside and are living a natural and fulfilling life.  We never give up, as you can see, and our aim always is to do our very best for them, and if all else fails we are always here for them.

We still have some elderly cats in permanent foster homes – we stay responsible for any Veterinary treatment they may need and ‘Tia’ is one of these. She is now nearly 17 and has been with Joyce, who ADORES her, since she became homeless at 12 years of age. ‘Tia’ is an adorable little cat and definitely knows who she likes and who she doesn’t! She has recently been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism so is on daily medication which she is responding well to.  She has to have blood tests at present to check her levels but these won’t need to be done so regularly from here on.  ‘Tia’ sails through the blood tests every time – a perfect patient!

‘Annie’ now 16 years old has been with Corinne as a permanent foster for 4 years. ‘Annie’ just LOVES ‘the boys’ so as Corinne has 4 little ‘Annie’ is in her element! Her favourite is ‘Jack’ but if he isn’t ‘available’ she is just as happy to curl up with her other furry friends – they are not always quite so keen, but usually tolerate her advances with good grace! ‘Annie’ needs monthly injections otherwise she suffers from sore gums, but all in all she is a very happy and healthy little girl and is still living life to the full!

‘Frankie’ set off to a lovely new home in January. When he came to us his face was a mess.  He was undoctered and had obviously been attacked badly by other cats in the neighbourhood.

IMG_3291  He was underweight, very hungry and seemingly had no home to call his own.  We had his wounds treated and he was neutered, his confidence grew daily, he gained weight and he ADORED his food and all the attention bestowed on him.  He became a very handsome and contented boy and his new Mum fell for his charms immediately! The rest is history – he is king of his own castle, loves his new life and isn’t prepared to waste time grieving over the appalling start he had, he now has a future to cherish.

‘Coco’ moved in with Sue, ‘Clyde’, ‘Syd’ (both ex Feline Welfare cats) and ‘Spencer’ back in February.  She made her mark early on in the relationships eg ‘I am in charge so get used to it!’ It’s a good thing ‘the boys’ are so nicely mannered and willing to bow to her demands! They all seem to have settled well together, but no doubt ‘madam’ keeps them on their toes! ‘Coco’ was unwanted by her original owners and had bought up a litter of kittens prior to coming into our care.

‘Polly’ about 7 years of age went to her new home earlier in the year.  Sadly she had not been looked after well by her previous owner.  She was frightened, flea infested and really stressed when she first came into care.  Doreen kindly fostered ‘Polly’ for us, which we were very grateful for, and she cared for her until she went to Sue and Malcolm.  ‘Polly’ is SO happy in her new home, and I am sure greatly appreciates all the love she now receives from her new Mum and Dad.  I think she is still wary initially of people she hasn’t met before, but the main thing is that she is happy and settled with ‘her family’ which is all that really matters.

In January ‘Taffy’ escaped from his carrier in the car park when he was being collected by a friend of the owner following surgery at one of the Newport Veterinary Surgeries. With the help of Jenny and Corinne we displayed 40 Posters and circulated 300 leaflets in the area.  This proved very helpful as we had regular phone calls to let us know where he was being seen. We also received many calls and messages via the ‘Lost Pets’ facebook page with people offering help and support, this was also greatly appreciated.  ‘Taffy’ was very nervous of strangers so we had to be as canny as him, and try and get one step ahead of him! Andy also helped with setting a trap at various locations, but sadly to no avail.  Andy, Jackie and I also carried out late night and early morning vigils and EVENTUALLY this paid off.  Jackie managed to trap ‘Taffy’ in her hallway just before 5am one Wednesday morning in March with the help of pilchards in tomato sauce and cat nip!  Jackie called me straight away to give me the good news – we were ECSTATIC as ‘Taffy’ had been trying to fend for himself for almost 7 weeks. I set off not quite believing that he was at last safe, and that he would soon be home once again with his owner.

What happened next complicated things no end! While I was trying to access the area where Jackie’s garden backed on to I fell over a parking pole in the down position – it was dark and there was no street lighting and nothing to warn pedestrians of this hazard – when I eventually went to A&E about an hour and a half later an Xray showed I had fractured my kneecap! There was me thinking initially I had torn a ligament – no such luck, although that would have been quite an inconvenience too! To my surprise and amusement (and others!) I realised while on the trolley in A&E that various articles of my clothing were either missing, inside out or the wrong way round – oh and not forgetting the odd socks! That just proves the effect of catching ‘Taffy’ had on me!  ANYWAY I hobbled to Jackie’s garden and soon had young ‘Taffy’ safely in the basket.  We then arranged to meet the duty Vet at the surgery, and also called ‘Taffy’s’ owner to say he was safe, SECURE and that she could contact the Surgery to arrange to take her boy home once they opened in the morning.

When ‘Taffy’ escaped from the carrier he also had a drain in his neck, this had come out by the time he was captured so luckily that area had healed. He had a slight temperature and he had lost quite a bit of weight,  but all in all he wasn’t in too bad a shape.  The relief we all felt will never be forgotten – and in my case I will NEVER forget that day as am still not 100% 4 months on!



We also helped with another cat a few weeks before ‘Taffy’ was captured who had also escaped from his basket as the owners were leaving the Vets.  Luckily that was also brought to a happy conclusion and ‘Tabby’ was soon safely home with his family.

Recently this has happened to another little cat, again escaping on leaving a Vets Surgery, and as far as I know this little nervous cat has still not been found.

A warning must be heeded, and that is for carriers to be double checked before leaving home and again on returning from the destination.  Some carriers are more substantial than others, and a determined cat can put a lot of pressure on the opening especially if they are frightened.  It is a very traumatic experience for both the cat and the owner when this happens, so just an extra check before setting off may keep your cat safe, secure even if not happy! You will also retain your sanity!

We received a call about a cat being seen at windows in an empty building in Newport.  On further investigation it was found he could get in and out but to us the situation seemed very bizarre.  We managed to speak to the key holder eventually and arranged to meet him at the building. Between us we managed to trap this poor frightened boy in an area of metal steps and with the door firmly closed he couldn’t get away, so I was then able to get him into a basket and take him safely out of the building (yes I was still in plaster!) As we were unable to take him ourselves, due to lack of space, we had prearranged to take him to the RSPCA Animal Home at Godshill.  It was soon revealed that he was microchipped but when his owners were contacted they said they had moved away from the area a month previously but were in a property where animals were not permitted so hadn’t taken him with them – I think I will end this story here as I am sure you have already reached your own conclusions. No he was not returned to his ‘owners’ you will be pleased to hear ……

We have several furry people waiting patiently for loving, safe new homes:

‘Willow’ and ‘Lillie’ are 4 years old and we believe they are sisters.  Their original owner sadly passed away and they then had to rely on neighbours for food and I believe shelter, as I don’t think they had access to their home.  They really are loving little characters and are desperately looking for a home where they can stay together. They are all ready to start their new lives and are only a phone call away ….20160708_140745

‘Fluffy’ is approx: 5-7 years of age. She was originally a stray but did adopt someone in the area, they sadly were unable to offer her a permanent home so this is where we came in.  As you will see if you visit our website: ‘Fluffy’ has had both ear flaps removed due to them being burnt by the sun.  Her recovery was quick and completely uneventful; in fact apart from the inconvenience of having to wear an elizabethan collar she really took it all in her stride! As long as she could eat nothing else mattered really! ‘Fluffy’ is a lovely little girl (or perhaps not so little!) and we think she will be happiest as an only pet. She too is ready and waiting to catch someone’s eye so she can get on with the rest of her life, but this time with someone who REALLY cares.IMG_3467

‘Maisie’ 6 years and ‘Toothpaste’ 5 years (not our choice of name!) came into our care recently, but sadly are both grossly overweight.  We are not attempting to rehome them until they are down to a more healthy and acceptable weight.  We would consider a foster home though until the weight loss had been achieved, in fact this would be beneficial to them as they would have more space to exercise which in turn would obviously help.  If they were to be fostered and the family were to decide they would like to adopt them we would be more than happy with this also. It is SUCH a shame that these girls have been allowed to get so obese.  They were living as indoor cats but I think they will need access to the outside when they eventually go to a new home.  If you feel you can help in any way with ‘Maisie’ and ‘Toothpaste’ please do give us a call …….

20160704_152316      20160704_152257

Although she is not for rehoming, ‘Sheba’ has been with us now since April.  We had a call one Saturday night to say an elderly lady had been taken into A&E following a fall and that there was a cat ‘home alone.’  Again this was not straight forward – neither did it help that I was in plaster so needed transport to get anywhere at all! We could not gain access to the house that night so we left food where we knew ‘Sheba’ would probably find it. The next morning we returned to the house, with the owner’s permission, and by removing a panel managed to get into the property.  We hunted high and low for the key to no avail, so with Andy’s help, and again with the owner’s permission, we changed the locks, at least then we could enter in a civilised manner AND then had two keys instead of none! We had to set a humane trap inside the house, so again Andy, Jenny, Dawn and myself had to spend many an hour outside the house waiting patiently for ‘Sheba’ to oblige! We eventually caught her on Monday evening and she has been with us ever since.  ‘Sheba’ will return to her owner once necessary work has been carried out on the house, which we hope will be by the beginning of August.  Jean is now fully recovered and very eager to return home and have her furry friend with her once again.  ‘Sheba’ is probably about 7 years of age and she adopted Jean about 5 years ago – what better way is there of getting a new home by being able to choose it yourself! We will now stay in touch with Jean and ‘Sheba’ and will be here for them both if they ever need us again.

As always Liz, Doug and Vanessa are desperate for good quality items to sell to raise much needed funds to help us look after our many furry friends, and to enable us to carry on with our work. If you are able to donate any unwanted gifts, good quality clothes, CD’s, DVD’S, bric-a-brac, household items (we unfortunately are unable to store furniture) gift sets, childrens toys/items etc we would love to hear from you.  Liz and Doug can collect and you can reach them on 298882 – answer machine at times.

Our Vet bills, food and cat litter cost an incredible amount every year, as we not only have cats for rehoming but we also have our permanent foster cats as well as the 23 permanent residents here.  If you feel you could spare just a few pounds a month to help us provide for our less fortunate feline friends we would be tremendously grateful.  If you would like to set up a monthly, quarterly or annual donation I can send you our bank details if you feel you would like to support us in this way.

The cats are always happy to see new faces, and I can almost guarantee that ‘Rosie’ and ‘Jim’ will be in with our rescue rabbits if you were to visit us! They were born in a stable and lived that life until coming to us, so they just LOVE to lie and roll in the hay! The rabbits, well they just look upon it as a way of life now


Until next time ………….

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