Summer Newsletter 2017


‘Shade’ our little MIRACLE !
‘Shade’ came to us last November and although she was 4 months of age she was no bigger than an 8 week old kitten and weighed just 1.2kg.
‘Shade’ had extreme breathing difficulties which originally was thought to be a congenital heart defect but this was very quickly ruled out when Kerry, at Pet Doctors, carried out a scan.
Obviously ‘Shade’ was a very high anaesthetic risk, and the weeks that followed were not easy believe me. She would play but only for about 20-30 seconds as she would then have to stop because of her breathing. Did she ever give in or give up – NEVER !
On the 11th April she went to the surgery for Simon to sedate her enough to take an Xray of her chest and abdomen – the next thing I knew was Simon coming back out to me saying ‘I am going in – she has a diaphragmatic hernia and I need to get the organs out of her chest cavity and put them in the abdomen where they belong !!’ ‘Shade’ had by this time put on 0.5kg and was now the size of a 14 week old kitten. The wait then was agonising (it felt like forever!!) even though I was getting regular updates from Kerry and Jayne – the Clinical Director ! Eventually Simon came back out to tell us the operation had been a complete success and she was breathing normally with no assistance or intervention from him ! AMAZING !
‘Shade’ has come on in leaps and bounds since that day. She healed SO well after her surgery, and has just grown and grown ! She runs everywhere, leaps around constantly, eats for England, plays with whatever she can find and she can BREATH normally ! She is the happiest little girl you could ever wish to meet. She NEVER gave up, no matter how bad things got, and this little waif, who I thought would only have a limited time with us – BUT instead of that only being months, because of Simon’s FANTASTIC Surgical skills she will now live forever, or at least into very old age !
This adorable and very brave little girl has captured the hearts of many and if she can stay still long enough she would like to say a big thank you to everyone for their dedication and love ….. whoops … off she goes again at 100 miles an hour showing what she is now capable of thanks to Uncle Simon. Definitely a true miracle and a real treasure – she is staying with us needless to say, to part with her now would be like cutting off my right arm !
‘Shade’ also won the ‘Brave Heart Award’ at Pet Doctors in April. It was an honour to receive this and for her fantastic bravery and determination to have been recognised by so many.
Our little ‘STAR’

We received a call recently to say this little cat had been hit by a car the previous evening and was quite badly injured. Luckily he had managed to get back home by midnight.
Anyway on seeing the extent of the injury to one of his back legs we set off straight away to see Simon at the Lake Surgery. Because of the severity of the damage to his leg Simon advised me that he needed an amputation – this he carried out the same day after giving poor ‘Hamish’ an injection of pain relief to make him more comfortable in the meantime.
‘Hamish’ sailed through the operation and was very soon telling everyone that he did NOT want to wear his ‘lampshade’ in fact insisted he had NO intention of wearing it under any circumstances whatsoever ! Luckily he hasn’t touched the wound so all is well !
This lovely boy is now signed over to us so when he has fully recovered from his operation we will be looking for a safe and suitable home for him. ‘Hamish’ takes a little while to get used to people he doesn’t know but will be a lovely companion for a new owner once he feels confident and settled in his new home. It sounds as though he was bullied by neighbouring cats so was really down on his luck one way and another. Bless Him.
In the meantime young ‘Hamish’ is healing well, eating us out of house and home and dreaming of a loving home, hopefully in the not too distant future. Oh he has also ‘had his pockets emptied’ so he will smell a great deal sweeter over the next couple of weeks, so you see it is not just his leg that is missing !
‘Hamish’ comes from a multi cat household so we are now helping to reduce their numbers by neutering and spaying, also Cats Protection and RSPCA have been a fantastic help by taking some of the cats for rehoming, two of which were pregnant. We are getting there gradually so hopefully over the next few weeks they will be down to a more manageable number eg 5 who will be unable to reproduce in the future !

‘Leo’ caused quite a stir when he turned up as a stray. There was an ownership dispute which is never easy to deal with, as there is great frustration for all concerned. He was, until recently, quite happy but sadly one of their other cats decided he didn’t like ‘Leo’ and wanted him GONE ! Oh Dear ! They did persevere but sadly were not successful – you cannot make cats like each other no matter how hard you try if at least one of them refuses to live in peace ! So ‘Leo’ is now with us waiting patiently to catch someone’s eye. He is such a gorgeous boy and such a gentle soul. It is probably best if he is the only pet, so he doesn’t get bullied again AND he can then make the most of all the attention bestowed on him ! He will be a home loving cat so a great companion and friend for a new owner. We believe he is about 8 years of age and he was apparently quite happy to snooze in the garden on a nice day or was just as happy indoors with all the home comforts! He was never far away as he likes his humans too much !

‘Megan’ and ‘Millie’ also came from a multi cat house. We have neutered/spayed their remaining 3 cats so a line has been drawn under their long running ‘kitten factory !’
‘Millie’ has been in a new home for just over a fortnight and she is settling really well. She seems to like her new brother, ‘Choccy’, in fact they are very similar in character so have actually got on well together very quickly. They sleep quite closely now which is lovely. ‘Choccy’ has always been possessive over his food ( due to his past – that again being a sad story) but he is happy for ‘Millie’ to eat close by, which is real progress. We are really pleased it is working so well. ‘Choccy’ had lost his companion a few weeks previously, ‘Ella’ was a very elderly lady (in her 20’s) and ‘Choccy’ obviously missed her, so we really hope ‘Millie’ will make him a happy boy once again.
‘Megan’ is still waiting patiently to catch someone’s eye with the hope someone will fall for her many charms and her playful character – she has plenty of both ! She is rather like ‘Shade’ they both cause a draught as they rush past you at top speed ! ‘Megan’ is 2 years old if you feel tempted ! Because she is from a multi cat household she is not at all perturbed by other cats – they just need to be playful enough to keep up with her !!

‘Digby’ sadly is still with us, he is a gorgeous ginger/white boy with oodles of character. He really needs to go to a home with no other animals or young children – he had both in his original home and he was not a happy boy. Having said that he may well be OK with a placid female cat. He is 5 years old and is getting very frustrated by being in care – he so wants to feel grass under his paws again and be able to get on with his life – at the moment he is stuck in limbo – can you help ?

‘Willow’ and ‘Lillie’ also keep getting passed by, mainly because people just want one. We would never split them up as they are very much a pair and would be totally lost if they were separated. These adorable girls are now 5 years of age. Please visit our website: to meet all those looking for caring new homes.

I am writing this in June and there is a MASSIVE explosion of kittens and pregnant Mums on the Island. So much so that the Rescue Centres are swamped with more and more going on the waiting lists needing to come into care. It is a shambles. There are endless kittens being advertised on the Internet, the reality of that being they won’t all end up in responsible, caring homes, so the problems are on-going causing great concern on a continual basis.
We try very hard to promote neutering/spaying, as do all the Rescue Centres, and we all offer reduced prices for low income families, but all too often it falls on deaf ears, when all we are trying to do is help by making it possible for all cat owners to neuter their pets !! No I don’t understand either !

The Internet regularly highlights all sorts of different problems concerning cats/kittens – in fact most caused by the ease of advertising on the Internet ! There is a very good Facebook site called ‘Isle of Cats’- it was started and is run by Andy Marshall and the aim is to promote responsible cat ownership, including, very importantly, neutering, spaying and microchipping.
Because it is so easy to advertise on the Internet sites, at no cost to the people using it, it makes selling cats and kittens, in fact all animals, very simple, this in turn is ENCOURAGING indiscriminate breeding, with not all finding their way into responsible, loving homes, a very sad and upsetting situation.
Once we are told of households with multiple cats/kittens we try and visit as many as possible to offer help with neutering as the main aim is to get their numbers under control, and to stop the massive number of kittens either needing to come into care or being sold/given away free. We are regularly offering to help people who are advertising kittens with the cost of getting the mother spayed, and any kittens they may be keeping.

We are repeating the ‘Spaying Blitz’ again and this will start at the end of August and run until the end of the year. We are directing it at the females, for obvious reasons, but we will still be helping towards the cost of the boys as well. Anyone on a low income will be able to get their cat/kitten 4 months and over spayed for £20 – if the owner wants a microchip at the time of the surgery we will be asking £8 for this. The boys will be £30 and we will offer the chip to those also for £8. As are funds are limited we cannot include the boys in the £20 offer, but we hope we won’t be criticised for this as we have been in the past !
If anyone would be willing to donate specifically to the ‘Spaying Blitz’ we would be so, so grateful. We are obviously substantially subsidising the cost, hence we are offering it solely to females.

Our ongoing Neutering/Spaying/Microchipping Scheme offers help throughout the year to low income families – £35 + £10 for a microchip for the girls and £30 + £10 for a microchip for the boys. So even without the ‘Blitz’ we are saving the owners at least £40 for females and about £25 – £30 for the males – and in most cases there is also a saving on the microchipping. These prices, as I am sure you will agree, should enable most cat/kitten owners to get their cats neutered/spayed and microchipped if they so wish.
We are only able to offer these rates because of the full support of Pet Doctors enabling us to do this as a joint venture, and for this we are very grateful. In fact we are so lucky to have such a supportive team of Vets and Nurses who help us week in week out with our less fortunate feline friends.

We were called upon in April as Jenny and her family had a visiting tabby cat who was very matted and very hungry. We put a photo of him on ‘Lost Pets’ and lo and behold his owner came forward ! He had been missing since the end of last summer and had taken up residence in the now disused Camp Hill Prison ! It did take a while to fool him into going into our trap though ! But on the 5th May his capture was complete ! We brought him back here and we were all shut in my hallway with him – within 60 seconds he was up on his ‘Mum’s’ shoulders rubbing all round her face and head butting her just like he had always done – it was AMAZING. I was very honoured to get the same treatment from him too ! He was completely unapproachable while he was out, but oh what a happy boy he was to be reunited with his ‘Mum’ ! There were tears of joy believe me !

We homed ‘Maisie’ several years ago now. Su and Nick kindly fostered her for us and she ended up staying permanently!
Sadly ‘Maisie’ went missing a year ago, everything possible, and impossible, was done to trace her but to no avail. Su and Nick NEVER gave up and continued the advertising and pleading throughout.
We received a call at the beginning of June from a gentleman saying he had a visiting stray tortoishell cat who didn’t live in the area. We said we would go over and scan this little cat to see if she was microchipped. As he walked towards me with her in his arms I shook from head to foot – she wasn’t tortoishell she was tabby and looked very much like ‘Maisie’ ! I called the database ( already knowing it was one of our chips) and they confirmed it was dear little ‘Maisie.’
Su and Nick had moved to East Cowes in October and thankfully had updated her microchip details. The relief for me, Su and Nick was indescribable. To take ‘Maisie’ HOME after so long was AMAZING. She has settled in and is a very, very happy little girl – her ‘sisters’ have accepted her back into the fold.This is such a fantastic ending to a very sad and worrying story.

Sadly ‘Sable’ – ‘Honey’- ‘Riffles’ and ‘Miranda’ had to say goodbye to their ‘Mum’ when she lost her fight against cancer. Corinne very kindly fostered ‘Sable’ 10 years and ‘Honey’ 9 years and has now managed to integrate them in with her other 3 cats, so they are staying ! ‘Riffles’ 11 years and ‘Miranda’ 11 years are with Rosemary at Nine Lives Cat Rescue – 852228 – and they are still desperately hoping to catch someone’s eye. They need to stay together ideally, so if you feel you would like to adopt these lovely affectionate cats please do give Rosemary a call.

We have very recently found a lovely home for ‘Mo’ a very elderly tabby girl. Millie had recently lost her 22 year old boy and after a while felt ready to offer another elderly cat a home. ‘Mo’ had been living with a couple she adopted about a year ago – they were having to move on though and were unable to take her with them. We think she may have belonged to the elderly chap who had gone into care 2 years previously and when Kerry and Dan moved in she was very, very thin but thanks to them survived. She is a dear little girl and purrs for England ! Jenny kindly fostered her for us while she was waiting to move in with Millie, so she was very well loved and pampered there too. When Jenny fosters she gives up her bedroom and camps out in her living room – now that is dedication !

‘Chesska’ is 13-14 years old will be moving in with Marcie before the beginning on September on a permanent basis. Marcie has ‘Boswell’ who is 18 and ‘Zena’ 7 – she sadly had to say goodbye to ‘Tazzy’ on New Years Eve at the grand age of 19, which was pretty devastating for her as she was fine up until that last 24 hours bless her. Marcie has lots of happy memories of ‘Tazzy’ who she kindly took in for us 7 years ago.
At present Marcie is kindly fostering ‘Megan’ for us, and until she was rehomed, ‘Millie’ as well.
We are on the whole finding rehoming very difficult, which we have never experienced before. It is so sad to see all these little faces waiting so patiently to catch someone’s eye – but all too often their wait is a long one. We do our very best for them but it isn’t enough – they all need a home to call their own – they need the freedom to roam and a loving family to share their lives with. Some are timid, so are passed by, but given time and patience they will all make lovely companions if only given the chance. Some are older cats and some have a few ‘hang ups’ but again there must be a lovely home out there for all of them somewhere.
Kittens are in vogue at the moment, and yes they all need loving homes, but the adult cats do tend to be forgotten by many during the kitten season.

As you may know we also run a Sanctuary and do have 38 permanent residents. Some are here with me and they have full access to outside during the day, the others are in permanent foster homes and they also lead natural lives. We pay for any Veterinary treatments and in some cases the food as well. We only offer permanent fostering for cats over 12 years of age, or to those with a disability or who need on going medication etc or the very, very timid ones who repeatedly get passed by.
To enable us to provide for our many feline friends though it is necessary to raise much needed funds, so if anyone would like to help us in any way possible it would be greatly appreciated. You can reach me on 521778 if you feel you would like to help us.

Fund Raising is now well underway with the dedicated commitment of Vanessa, Liz and Doug. Liz is thankfully recovering from her illness which she went down with a year ago. It has been a long and difficult journey for both Liz and Doug but at long last there is light at the end of that dark tunnel. They have started attending Car Boot Sales for us again, and are now planning the Summer Fayre, which also is a great deal of work for them.
Vanessa was also very unwell a year-18months ago, but thankfully she too is improving, which we really hope will continue.
This is real dedication, and we are so grateful for all the help and support they give us for the cats in our care on a continual basis.

We do try our very best 24/7 to give advice and practical help to cat owners who find themselves in a difficult and worrying situation either with their own cats/kittens or a stray they are concerned about. These cries for help occur regularly, some easier than others to solve ………
As always we strive to help our feline friends, both domestic and wild, in any way we can …. and we thank you for all your support which enables us to carry on with our rescue work year in year out.


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