Summer Newsletter 2018

Here we are again, with the best Summer we have had in a very long time ! It is though taking its toll on some of our less fit feline friends. Particularly those living on the streets with no proper provisions.

I will firstly tell you something about the cats who we are trying to find loving, safe homes for at this present time.

‘Monty’ 2 years and ‘Bo’ approx. 8 years have a really sad story to tell. They have been badly neglected and were living out with no access to comfort or warmth, year in year out. Our aim now is to turn their little lives round so they can be truly loved and be given all the home comforts they so dearly deserve. They can either go to a home together or separately as they don’t interact with each other, and to be honest ‘Monty’ could do with a playmate! They really are gorgeous boys and sitting awaiting your call xx

‘Alfie’ approx. 10 years of age also came to us badly neglected and in need of instant Veterinary treatment, which he is receiving now as you would expect. He began to respond once on treatment and just improves every day. He has a wonderful character and I am sure he is saying ‘Thank You’ on a daily basis as he is feeling SO much more comfortable bless him. ‘Alfie’ will soon be looking for a forever home where he will be truly loved and cared for – he has gone without for far too long.

‘Sasha’ is a pedigree cross and sadly has come from an abusive background. When we first took her she had real serious issues, but thanks to Phil and Carol, and latterly, Jane and Colin, they have all helped her to overcome her fears, anxiety and mistrust of humans. I think some of her previous treatment will leave long term physiological scars, but we will make sure she only has the best from here on. ‘Sasha’ is 10 years of age and she is waiting patiently to start her new life in a quiet, caring and safe home – she needs to be the only pet so she can have your undivided attention !!

‘Toothpaste’ now 7 years old still waits patiently to catch someone’s eye, and never gives up hope that someone will want to take her home with them one day.  She needs to be the only pet, and can’t go to a home with young children, but she is so lovely, it is just SO sad she is still waiting to get on with her life in a loving home in a safe area. She will like to have safe access outside but she won’t go far – her tummy talks!

We do have other cats waiting to come into care, so it is a continuous problem as always.

Now for some ‘Happy Tails’ ……………

‘Peaches’ 7 years came to us when her owner sadly passed away. It didn’t take very long though to find her a new ‘Mum and Dad!’  She settled very quickly and very soon took over the bungalow and her new parents!! This little girl has been passed around quite a bit sadly before coming into our care, but we really hope this is now her FOREVER home x

‘Sammy’ came to us indirectly from a multi animal household. No doubt he had fathered many kittens too. Anyway we made the necessary ‘alterations’ to his manhood and he hasn’t looked back since … literally !! He is now in a super home as the soul pet and enjoying life to the full. He was a little timid at first, but for some cats going to a new home is quite a big step for them and it takes some adjusting.

‘Timmy’ came back to us after 3 years as he seemed to fall out of love with the feline friends he had always lived with, and he started moving in with a neighbour – even though they had cats as well ?! Who are we to reason why! He is now very happily settled as an ‘only pet’ in a lovely new home and is a very happy boy at last x

‘Tilly’ was a very complex little character when she came into care. We are sure she hadn’t experienced a domestic life, although she probably had been born in a house – but from a young age she was forced to live outside 24/7 come rain or shine. We feared she would be difficult to rehome due to her total mistrust of new people. Once she knew she could trust you would be wearing her – quite literally ! But her trust had to be earn’t but that would always be a slow process. Eventually someone fell for her charms and knowing they would need lots of patience, time and TLC to bring her round to them they WANTED TO OFFER HER A HOME – AMAZING. The rest well …… she is now ‘in charge’ and just adores her two large canine friends and of course her very attentive owners. Home At Last Little One x

It does seem this year we have taken many cats with very sad backgrounds – but to be honest those are the ones we are drawn to.

‘Mittens’ – once a much sought after kitten obviously became ‘excess to requirements.’ If it hadn’t been for people living in the area feeding her and looking out for her I dread to think what would have happened to this little mite. Flea infested and always out in the cold, unless a neighbour took her in. All that changed following the phone call we received and now, well, she is in a lovely home, is totally adored, has full access to her home and just has oodles of love from her very attentive owners! Why oh why were you not offered this by your original owners ?

‘Tinks’ was supposed to come to us with her mum BUT we were given the wrong cat, one who in fact belonged to a neighbour ! We didn’t check the gender straight away, we didn’t think we needed to!! It transpired though that we had been given a neutered and microchipped male and not ‘Tinks’ mum ……. you’re confused …. you can imagine how I felt! How can an owner not know their own cat …. no they were not identical, all they had in common was they were both black/white! We duly returned the neutered boy to his rightful owner but sadly we still don’t have the mother of ‘Tinks.’ Her owner has not seen her now since January so I just hope someone has taken her in AND had her spayed. ‘Tinks’ though is now happily settled in her new home who she shares with ‘Digby’ who came from us last year. I think we can safely say it was a match made in heaven!

‘Ryan’ 15 years young has very recently set off to his new home! I think he took over almost as soon as his velvet paws stepped out of his carrier! These older cats don’t hang about you know ! ‘Ryan’ was fostered by Jenny so was living in the lap of luxury while he waited for these very special people to come along to offer him a loving home for his remaining years. I am sure you are going to make your new Mum and Dad very happy little man …. Or in ‘Ryan’s’ case, not so little !

‘George’ –  came to us in an APPALLING condition. His coat was SO matted that when he was shaved it came off in huge long strips. His body had to be totally shaved and the relief he felt must have been incredible bless him. Sadly poor ‘George’ was diagnosed with lymphasicoma which was devastating. He obviously had once been a pet, but where were his owners now, in fact because of his dreadful condition it was obvious he had been trying to cope on his own for a very long time. Undoctered and wondering where his next meal was coming from. After he came to us he had food constantly and his weight increase proved it !!

Cats like ‘George’ have such a sad life. I doubt he was ever aggressive with other cats, but he probably did mate every available female in the area – he may too have passed infections on at the same time or contracted some himself. Why oh why can’t more people behave more responsibly towards their cats and give more consideration to their general welfare?? It really isn’t rocket science after all!! We offer help with neutering/spaying and microchipping year in year out, but that still isn’t enough to persuade some cat owners to do the right thing for their pet.

There are far too many ‘George’s’ padding the streets on the Island just waiting for someone to notice them and then hopefully they can eventually receive the care and attention they so desperately need.  Kind people in the area quite often will either offer the ‘stray’ a home themselves, with perhaps a little help initially with neutering etc or will contact one or other of the Rescue Centres to try to get them into care.

We tried very hard to make up for the neglect ‘George’ had suffered prior to coming into our care – and I think I can safely say we achieved just that! He doubled his body weight – LOVED the almost constant supply of food and ADORED cuddles on laps and head rubs!

When the cancer increased in severity we offered ‘George’ the very last kindness we had left for him. He was quietly put to sleep so he would not suffer from this cruel disease. You are gone ‘George’ but will remain in our hearts forever.

We are happy to help anyone on a low income to have their cats/kittens neutered/spayed, and if they so wish microchipped as well, at the time of the surgery. We are only a phone call away and we do try to make ourselves available as best we can 24/7. I would prefer not to have a call at 6am with a request to have a cat neutered though  – it HAS happened believe me –  I think that could wait until after 8 at least !! Joking aside …. we are ARE here to help.

We have many phone calls this time of year from people with cats who are experiencing problems giving birth, or are concerned about the kittens or the mother following birth. Also they can have difficulties with the kittens, or the mother, for one reason or another which they need help with. We can usually persuade most owners, with our help, to get their cats spayed/neutered, and as some will be keeping one or more kitten from the litter, we also offer to help get those done as soon as they are 4 months of age.

It is a real struggle to try and get the cat population on the Island under control. The ONLY humane way being by neutering/spaying, as we all know! We need to get people to understand that there is NO benefit in letting your cat have kittens before getting her spayed – how many times do we hear this! If every cat owner did this the Island would sink with all the kittens!


If you feel you would like to support our work we are always looking out for good quality items to sell to raise much needed funds for our less fortunate feline friends.

If you have any unwanted gifts, good quality clothes (adult’s and children’s), DVD’s, toys, toiletry sets, bric-a-brac or maybe a nice prize for our Raffles or smaller gifts for our Tombolas – all these would be very much appreciated. You are very welcome to call Liz and Doug on 298882 if you are able to help us in this way, you can either deliver to them in East Cowes or we can collect from you, whichever is best for you.


We offer advice and support at anytime – we don’t have opening times purely because we don’t close!!  If we can help you we will, but we will also always advise when a visit to the Vet is essential or advisable, depending on the circumstances we may be able to help with that also.


If you feel you have room in your heart and your home for a new feline friend please do give us a call. We always have cats looking for loving safe homes and they are all just a phone call away ……..

Until next time ……………

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