The Importance of Access

When cats start to ‘visit’ neighbours, either because they are ‘strays’ or just live in the area some people do experience problems.
The main cause is that they do not have access into their own homes, and as cats enjoy their ‘home comforts’ they invite themselves into other peoples houses !!
Owning a cat has its responsibilities obviously and offering access into the home is just one of them, this is not just essential from the cats point of view and your neighbours but also a requirement under the Animal Welfare Act and I quote: ‘they need access to be able to escape harm’ – this can only be achieved by them being able to get into the safety of their home (ideally via a cat flap) – an outbuilding doesn’t offer this protection.

Quite often when cats go missing they can not get into the house if they return at night when the owners are sleeping or if they are away from home in the day. A cat flap would solve so many problems for the cat, their owner, for neighbours and local cats.
Most Vets and Rescue Centres now recommend the Microchip Cat Flap as this will prevent unwanted visitors entering your home (having said that please keep your eyes open for any homeless cats in your area or any needing help) the price is coming down since they were first produced, so check the Internet sites first.

If we were to put ourselves in our cats shoes WE would want to access the comforts of our home (in fact we do !!) and cats being cats would also want to go out during the day when the fancy takes them !!!

Many of the cats/kittens coming into our care have spent far too much time on the wrong side of the door BUT something SO simple can mean SO much for your furry friend – and your neighbours !!

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