The Joy Older Cats Can Bring

We now have several older cats looking for a settled and happy future in the comfort they so deserve.

It is hard for any animal to loose the home where they have been settled and happy, sadly though the changes in peoples lives can so often mean that their beloved pet has to move on and be found another home. Not all those coming into care have been cared for, but whatever their stories they all now need someone who REALLY cares and someone who will love and care for them and tend their every need.

Older cats are SO easy to look after. Their hunting exploits are usually over, they are calm around the home, their adventures outside become less frequent and they are great companions, and I also believe it is a great privileged to be able to offer these adorable cats their full and natural life in a loving, safe, comfortable and warm home.

  ‘Sable’ & ‘Honey’ are in a permanent foster home as their’Mum’ sadly lost her brave fight  against cancer.

 ‘Cheeska’ 14 years, is also now in a permanent foster home, as sadly her previous owner was unable to take her when she moved house.

We do offer ‘Permanent Fostering’ with our older cats, as you can see. The new owner provides the day to day care and we pay for any Veterinary treatments, and are also always in the background to support the new owner in any practical way we can. If you would like to learn more about this scheme we would be very happy to hear from you. You can call at anytime, evenings included, on 521778. We try to be available on the phone on an almost 24 hour basis, because even when I am away from the home phone I do carry my mobile at all times when out and about – this number is given out on our landline message when we are not contactable on the home number.

Please do give some thought to adopting or fostering on a permanent basis as you will be rewarded 100 fold by these adorable cats. They were all kittens once – when they would have been much sought after, but now, when they need to feel settled, happy and loved, they have found themselves with no home to call their own.

Please visit our ‘Adopt A Cat’ Page where you can read more about their sad ‘tails’ ….. they await your call


Here are just four of our ‘permanent fosters’ who are now happily settled and have a loving home now where they will live out their natural lives being ADORED  and cared for in every way ….




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