Well this is ‘Thomas’ and he is real Star.

This poor boy is probably between 5-8 years old. He was undoctered (not once we got our hands on him !!!!) his teeth needed attention/extractions, well those that he hadn’t already lost 😿 – he is snuffly/coughs – probably had cat flu in the past which wasn’t treated 😿 (he has antibiotics now and had a chest Xray) luckily tested negative for Feline Leukeamia and Feline Aids THANKFULLY – but was at VERY high risk being a roaming undoctered tom for so long. He was flea/worm infested – and although a kind gentleman had fed him for 3 years he was still roaming the streets.

WHERE is the original owner ???? WAS he a much wanted kitten all those years ago …. probably – WHY wasn’t he neutered a VERY long time ago ????? – Do his original owners even CARE where he is now …. NO – does it matter to them if he is dead or alive ????
Posters were displayed in the area – did anyone respond …. NO

💞’Thomas’ you’re life starts HERE – we WILL find someone to LOVE and CARE for you and you will NEVER be out in the cold all alone EVER AGAIN 💞

This lively lad needs a quiet home in a safe area and probably as the only pet. He will take a little while to settle in a new home but once he knows he can trust you you will be wearing him xxx

You are welcome to call anytime on 521778.

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