‘Tinks’ and ‘Timmy’

These dear little kittens appeared with their mother when they were about 6 weeks old. The mother has now been spayed and microchipped and has gone back to the people she was slowly adopting over a matter of weeks.

Although ‘Timmy’ is still very timid he seems quite happy in his new home. ‘Tinks’ is far bolder than her brother so this helps to give him confidence, so hopefully in the long term ‘Timmy’ will become more trusting, even if it is only with his immediate ‘family’. Michelle and Mark are adamant that the kittens WILL settle and they are definitely the right people for them as they are prepared to be patient and do have lots of love to give to these little mites.

‘Timmy’ and ‘Tinks’ have come a very long way since their very bad start to their lives – be happy little ones you are HOME at Last xx

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