‘Tuppence’ & ‘Sixpence’

These gorgeous cats are so hoping to find a loving home to go to. They were home alone for 12 weeks when their Dad went into Hospital. Sadly he passed away so they had to be taken from the flat soon after 😿 They were very bewildered when they first came to us. They were so used to their Dad being with them 24/7 and when he ‘disappeared’ they didnt know they would never see him again 😿 A kind friend visited them twice daily and obviously fed them, but all they wanted was their Dad to come home 😿😿

They have done really well in our foster home in Sandown but they feel their lives are ‘on hold’ – they would just LOVE to move in with you so you can fill that empty void they felt when their Dad,  who adored them, went away 😿😿

If you would like to spend some quality time with ‘Tuppence’ (torti girl) and her brother ‘Sixpence’ you would be very welcome to visit them in our foster home ❤

We are respecting the social distancing to protect both you and our foster carers as you would expect.

You are welcome to call us anytime on 521778.

❤       More photos to follow very soon   ❤



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