We Not Only Rehome But Also Run A Sanctuary For Some Of Our Feline Friends

We have found over the years that some of the cats in our care are repeatedly passed by as they do not appeal to prospective owner’s who are looking for a new feline friend.  The reasons for this are varied but the most common are that the cats or kittens are nervous of people they don’t know, and are likely to take a while to settle into a new home, or they are elderly, disabled and some need ongoing Veterinary treatment or Prescribed Diets.

We have been rescuing since 1980 and during that time have taken many cats/kittens who have been ‘unhomeable’ for the reasons already given. We feel it is very wrong to confine a cat for an extended length of time, although we do try very hard to offer them a homely environment whilst they are in our care but sometimes the time they have to wait to catch someone’s eye is endless. Not all cats are happy to live in a ‘multi cat household’ but we do have 21 at present with us and 16 in permanent foster homes  – all these cats will live out their lives with us or in their foster homes with us paying for any Veterinary treatment and in some cases providing food and cat litter as well.

To have such a large number of permanent cats is a great commitment and as you can imagine a great expense !!! We don’t skimp on food or the care lavished on them but we do rely on the generosity of our supporters to enable us to provide for all our feline friends, whether they be waiting patiently for new homes or are living out their natural lives with us.  If you feel you would like to support us with our Sanctuary Cats maybe you would consider making a monthly, bi monthly, annual or an occasional donation – this can be done, if you so wish, by a Standing Order directly into the Charity Bank Account.  You are more than welcome to contact me on 521778 if you would like to explore the possibility of supporting the cats in this way.

We have ‘Libby’ who will be 19 this year ‘Kizzy’ 18, ‘Tia’ 19 and ‘Charlie’ 13, we then go down in age to ‘Tammi’ who is 9 right down to ‘Shade’ who is 6 months old but due to her problems is no bigger than a 3 month old. So most of our permanent felines are between 2 and 8 years of age with many happy years ahead of them – they all have access via a cat flap during the day, but some stay in through choice although like to sun themselves on a hot summers day !! They are in charge I just do as I’m told !!

If you are looking for a new feline friend please visit our ‘Adopt A Cat’ page where you can learn more about them …….


Here are just a few of our permanent Sanctuary Cats ……….


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