Winter Newsletter 2014/2015

WOW !!! Now I have never started a Newsletter this way ever before !! I thought for a change I would begin with our successes, and one of those HAS to be the incredible response we have had from the ‘Spaying Blitz’ which we have been running with Pet Doctors Veterinary Hospital.  Initially it was supposed to be for September and October only, but because so many people were coming forward for help we decided between us to extend it. We are almost at the end of November as I write and so far we have neutered 39 males and 151 females, and those number are still rising !! Our aim is to get the final figure up to 200 (if not more !!)

We have been trying to target the females from 4 months of age and over, although as you see, we have been more than happy to help with the ‘boys’ as well. All we have asked for towards the cost of the females is £20 and £30 for the boys – we have also been offering microchipping, at the time of the surgery, for £8, which again has put this in the reach of many low income families.

It really restores your faith when you see just how many cat/kitten owners have come forward when an offer of this kind is made. We have helped many, many low income families, and even when the ‘Spaying Blitz’ closes we will be continuing our help through our ongoing Neutering/Spaying and microchipping Scheme so if you need help yourself, or know someone else who cannot afford the full Veterinary fee then please call us on 521778 or email: we will be more than happy to offer our assistance.

The cat situation on the Island, and Nationwide, has been getting increasingly worse, especially over the last few years, in fact we have gone back to the problems we were experiencing over 30 years ago !!! The only HUMANE way of controlling the numbers is by neutering and spaying. The full cost of spaying is now between £67 – £76 with the boys costing over £50.  Sadly this is out of the reach of many people, especially if they have more than one cat or kitten, the problems then escalate completely out of control with more and more litters being born.

The Internet sites eg Facebook and Wightbay have been a godsend with helping us to advertise the ‘Spaying Blitz’ also the County Press has enabled us to reach many Island people – for all of this we are very, very grateful.

Thanks also go to Dan and Paul at Pet Doctors for making this all possible, as without them this would never have even got off the ground. All the Vets, Nurses and Receptionists have really had their work cut out over these past 3 months trying to keep up with the steady stream of cats and kittens arriving for their operations !!!  We hope to repeat this offer on an annual basis otherwise the problems will reoccur yet again, and we will all be back to square one.


We have had a very busy year one way and another and many of our furry people have found lovely, lovely homes.  Some have had to wait a long, long time to catch someone’s, and we still have many patiently hoping that they will be chosen next. They come to us in all shapes, sizes, ages with varying characters, but I always feel there is a home to suit them all, it is just that sometimes the wait is a long one.  We try and make their stay with us as comfortable as possible but it isn’t enough, what they all really need is a home to call their own where they can roam safely and also have all the home comforts and their owners undivided attention !! It really isn’t too much to ask, is it ?

Ferals, as always, have come our way (and still are !!) We have either neutered/microchipped and returned them to the same site, or they have gone on to other farms or smallholdings. Ferals really do have their place in our society, and we will to continue to endeavour to ‘make their lives worth living’ starting with NEUTERING !! They are happy to have a life living ‘free’ and as long as there is a nice warm hay barn for them to shelter in plus regular meals we are happy to set them free.

Now for some ‘Happy Tails’ ……..

‘Fifi’ and ‘Frankie’ are now in a lovely new home. They were about 6 months when they came into care and over a year when they started their new life with a lovely couple who fell very quickly for their irresistible charms !! Did they have to wait because they are black/white – who knows – in their opinion though their new home was well worth waiting for !!

‘Bertie’ came to us as he was wandering aimlessly at a Holiday Camp. A holidaymaker concerned about him during their stay contacted us to see if we could help. Whether he belonged to someone working at the camp who had perhaps moved on, or maybe he had strayed from a local property we shall never know.  He was never claimed so when he eventually caught someone’s eye he very soon had his suitcase packed and was on his way to his new home with adoring new ‘parents’ to tend his every need !! ‘Bertie’ is probably 8-9 years old. He needed a lot of dental work whilst in our care but he now has his Colgate smile back !! He follows his new ‘Dad’ constantly from room to room and I am sure he will do the same when he is eventually allowed outside. He will have a lovely big garden to roam in including a natural wooded area, also the creek runs along the end of ‘his’ garden so he will have certain entertainment there as well – all he needs now is a hammock so he can lie and survey his estate  !! Home At Last ‘Bertie’ x

‘Lenny’ was a roaming undoctered tom, and we think he is probably about 5-6 years old – no doubt there are several ‘little ‘Lenny’s’ in the West Wight area !! Needless to say we made certain life changing alterations to his physique and over the next few months he became the soppiest boy you could ever hope to meet !! He is now also settling into a lovely new home, he has his new ‘Mum’ exactly where he wants her, and he has taken over the whole house as his !! He will also have a lovely safe area to roam in and his very own cat door, so he will never, ever be shut out in the cold again. Life really has turned round for this very hansom boy, and I know very well he would choose this life over the one he was living before. Enjoy your life ‘Lenny’ you really do deserves to be truly loved and cared for  x

‘Tilly’ came to us over two years ago when she was barely 5 weeks old.  She came in with her Mum ‘Libby’ and her other siblings – ‘Libby’ was 11-12 years old, and yes STILL producing kittens – DISGUSTING. The rest of ‘Tilly’s’ family have been in loving homes for a very long time, but ‘Tilly’ repeatedly got passed by due to her timid character. She has spent most of the time indoors and has been ‘sharing’ with some of our other rescue cats – so we have tried very hard to make her stay as happy and comfortable as possible.  Just two weeks ago she caught Pat’s eye – I couldn’t believe it !! I was SO used to her being passed by that I just assumed it was about to happen yet again. I really hope and pray that she eventually settles in her new home. It is a nice quiet environment for her and she will have a lovely safe garden and area to roam in eventually – ‘Tilly’ will take a while to settle and she needs time to build up her confidence so we are keeping everything tightly crossed for her.

‘Sooty’ and ‘Sweep’ were two of ‘Millie’s’ kittens and they are now living very happily with Lin and Al and their large feline family !! ‘Millie’ had her kittens outside, but when they were about 6 weeks old she was seen carrying them along the road one by one, and unbeknown to the couple watching this, she was actually putting them under their shed !! Once they realized they had ‘company’ they stocked up with cat food and called us to see if we could help !! We set up our newly acquired night vision camera, which has been worth its weight in gold, and a great investment.  We could then see where this little family was and watch their daily antics !! We then set a trap and over just a few days brought them all into safety.  Because humans hadn’t featured in their life they were understandably terrified. Bit by bit though they started to respond to all the attention bestowed on them, and in a very short time ‘Sooty’ decided he would like to leave his feral ways behind him and wanted cuddles instead !! ‘Sweep’ has taken a little longer and ‘Treacle’ their sister is also very wary until she get to know you.  The main thing though is that they have settled really well in their new home and are really, really happy boys  x

‘Freddie’ came to us after we visited his previous owner following an incident outside a supermarket on the Island.  They had a sibling of ‘Freddie’s’ outside the shop with a notice saying ‘kitten free.’  Understandably several members of the general public were horrified – many having never seen an animal being given away in the street before.  A friend witnessed this so I asked her to get the name, address and phone number of this person so I could visit her.  Someone did take this kitten (we had their number also) and we duly went round to see the person in question.  We took ‘Freddie’ for rehoming and we also had the mother cat spayed – we were determined to make sure this didn’t happen again. ‘Freddie’s’ Mum had had several litters so I don’t know what had happened to previous litters.  We also explained to them the error of their ways !!

‘Freddie’ is now also happily settled with Lin and Al – he loves ‘Sooty’ and ‘Sweep’ in fact they are now known as ‘The Three Musketeers !!’  Safe at last ….

‘Cleo’ came to us several months ago; she has had at least two homes but has never been REALLY wanted.  She has such a lovely temperament it is hard to believe how anyone could not fall for her charms.  All that changed though when Emma came along to meet her !! She is now absolutely ADORED and she knows it !! She is now living in the lap of luxury and has Emma at her beckon call. She can be seen ‘lounging’ in various places in the house and usually spends the night with her new Mum on the bed !! You have waited too long little one to be truly loved but now your journey has ended and we know you will never want for anything ever again. Thank You Emma for taking ‘Cleo’ into your heart and your home – your home once again complete.

We were asked to help with a feral mother and her 3 very feral kittens !! Initially we were asked to remove this little family completely, which wouldn’t have been easy to do.  BUT out of the blue we had a call from a lovely family actually wanting some ferals for their farm !! In the meantime we decided to knock on some doors in the area and we found a couple who had been feeding ‘Mum’ for several months AND were more than happy for her to be spayed and microchipped and returned to them !! Amazing !! Mum is now back and carrying on with her life quite happily and her babies (now 5 months old !) have been rehomed on the farm. I think, in time, some or all of the kittens will come round to being handled – time will tell – the main thing is that this little family are all happy and settled, when at first their future was causing us serious concern.

We also helped with another feral colony recently. The farm holds upsetting memories for us, going back several years. The farm though was repossessed and then sold – this is where we came in !! We spayed the two remaining female cats – one would have had many, many litters, so to get her spayed was very satisfying, and we took the four kittens. Sarah very kindly fostered the kittens, and all became tame and are now in loving homes.


This past year has been very difficult for all the Rescue Centres as the requests are endless from people needing their cats to come into care.  The most common problem is with people moving to accommodation where animals are not allowed.  We are never really sure what happens to these cats when all the centres are full, and unable to offer help.  Some do get left behind though when the owner moves, so the problem then becomes those of the neighbours – all very sad.

We have also been involved with several cases of neglect, which is particularly distressing. Sadly the owner seems to have far too many ‘rights’ even though the neglect is there for all to see –  so what happens to the rights of the animal ? We have thankfully been able to make a difference to some of these cats and kittens, but the law needs to be strengthened to protect animals of all kinds.


I would like to thank everyone who has made our work possible through yet another year.

Liz, Doug and Vanessa have tirelessly attended Car Boot Sales and Fayres etc raising much needed funds for the cats and kittens in our care.  Fund Raising is very time consuming and it is a continuous struggle to get enough good quality items to sell.  We also offer to collect donated items from people all over the Island, so Liz, Doug and Vanessa are kept very busy one way and another. Thank You all for your continued help, it really is much appreciated.

Viv and John also help with fund raising by selling for us on the Internet which is a great help and again greatly appreciated.

Jenny has spent many, many hours with our less fortunate feline friends throughout the year and also steps in with Corinne when I am at work. This help in invaluable both for me and our furry friends. It also helps with socializing, especially the timid characters, and ensures they all get quality time. It is bad enough being homeless so giving them lots of company is vital.

Grateful thanks go to everyone at all the Pet Doctors surgeries on the Island. It has been a VERY busy year, with the ‘Spaying Blitz’ adding to the work load dramatically !! Nothing has been too much trouble for them, not even when I appear at very short notice, or when I arrive with our feral friends !!!  Ferals always receive the same respect as our domestic furry people, which does mean a lot. Brace yourself for 2015 !!!

Lorraine and David, Corinne, Dawn and Glen , Julie and David, Nikki at Reynards Cattery, Pearl, Julia, Lindsey, Sarah and Marcie have all helped this year by fostering, which has enabled us to help many more cats and kittens and for this we are really very grateful.

Al has taken over all our computer work this year, and it is really surprising just how much there is !! In fact he is waiting to print this Newsletter so I better march swiftly on !! Thank You Al for all your help and creative ideas.

Johnny Keywood from Ace Waste has very kindly been collecting our clinical waste (used cat litter !!) for over a year now on a voluntary basis, which is greatly appreciated. We have always disposed of this waste responsibly but the rules and regulations were changed which meant we had to make arrangements for it to be collected. Thank You Johnny very much.

Nigel has also helped us during the year with various tasks, including Posters, Forms etc for which we are most grateful.

John and Jackie at Creature Comforts in Wootton have again provided us with a fantastic weekly service. Many Thanks go to you both.

We have several friends who kindly make a regular monthly donation by standing order – this is a great way of supporting our work and I would like to thank you all for helping us in this way. We never spend money on unnecessary ‘frills’ – all monies donated benefit the cats and kittens in our care directly.

There are SO many people to thank, but impossible to name them all.  We are very, very grateful though to everyone who has supported us in one way or another during the year as you have all helped us to help many less fortunate felines, our very special furry friends.

We shall be back with more ‘tails’ to tell soon, and we hope that 2015 will see more kindness being shown to our all of our animal friends…….

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