Winter Newsletter 2016/2017

Well here we are again with more ‘tails’ to tell! This year seems to have gone in a flash, ‘or maybe that’s just my age (which we won’t go into now!) I have been rescuing animals for 37 years – initially dogs, cats and small animals, now we concentrate on our feline friends both domestic and feral.

We have again helped people and their pets when they have been admitted into Hospital as an emergency. They have had no time to make any plans for their animals, which has resulted each time in their beloved pets being ‘home alone.’

‘Sheba’ is one of these; in fact we still have her 8 months on! Her owner does want her back once her home has had the necessary alterations done, which she is hoping will be completed before Christmas. ‘Sheba’ was a stray originally and adopted Jean about 6 years ago, so we think she is possibly 9 to 10 years old now. She is a gentle little character but not the bravest bless her. Jenny is fostering ‘Sheba’ at present so she really is living in the ‘lap of luxury’, in the true sense of the word!

‘Princess’ came to us more recently when her ‘Dad’ had to go into a care home and then he was admitted to Hospital a week or so later.  As yet, we are unsure of the future, as it may be that Fred will need to go into long term care. ‘Princess’ is an absolute delight. Sue is fostering her for us at present and if she can’t return to her ‘Dad’ I think Sue is first in line for offering her a home! We are not sure if she will be happy with other cats, as before she went to Fred back in the summer, she had been in a multi-cat situation but apparently wasn’t at all happy. We were not involved at that stage so the history is quite sketchy.

Back in January ‘Saffy’ and ‘Jess’ came to us having been fostered by Julia for some time. After a relatively short stay with us they packed their suitcases and set off to live with Liz and Doug, our very dedicated fund raisers. Sadly after a few months, Liz became very unwell so they were unable to keep ‘the girls’, which you can imagine was an awful wrench for all concerned BUT this had a VERY happy ending for all concerned.

‘The girls’,  renamed ‘Fudge’ and ‘Treacle’ by Liz and Doug, are now living very happily with their daughter Rebecca, her family and ‘Polo’ their resident feline friend! They have settled REALLY well, and because they knew the family while still with Liz and Doug, the only change was the move to another house and of course having a new ‘brother.’ They soon had ‘Polo’ in order and everyone seems to be living in harmony. In time we hope Liz will be able to have contact with these lovely girls again, and of course Doug visits them almost daily so although the circumstances leading to this move are very sad, we are very grateful to Rebecca and Simon for taking the girls into their hearts and their home; the very best solution for all concerned.

‘Missy’ came to us earlier in the year. We had been helping the owner for several months as ‘Missy’ had an ongoing, extreme skin problem. She was also very timid and almost impossible to treat at home. We were eventually asked to take her for re-homing.

Her skin condition did take several weeks to clear up, but eventually the sores healed, her coat came through and looked just like velvet and she came on in leaps and bounds. ‘Missy’, now ‘Mia’, is very, very happy in her new home, and her skin is no longer a problem! She settled very quickly with her new doting family and their adorable dog! She had seen her new ‘brother’ through the glass door, when he was out in the garden, and really took little or no notice, and when they first met she wrapped herself around his legs and hasn’t looked back since! She now has access into a very safe garden, she was an indoor, flat cat in her original home and she now just LOVES life! An amazing story, a real success. It was very sad for her previous owners, and making the decision to re home her was very difficult for them. We have kept in touch with them though so they know ‘Mia’ is now well and enjoying life to the full, which helps to ease the pain of having to part with her.

‘Saffy’, (yes, another ‘Saffy’!) is a seal point Siamese who came to us in September. She too was having treatment for a skin condition, which we continued while tests were being carried to find out the cause. Thankfully that was soon completed and she was given a clean bill of health. Now she is in a fantastic new home and she also has a canine friend (who takes no notice of her whatsoever, having always had a cat in his life, and his bed!) and she is so, so happy.

‘Saffy’ came from a multi-animal household, but she seems to have taken to being the only cat really well. She may meet neighbouring cats on her trips into the garden, but she will take that in her stride. She is absolutely ADORED and again, a very happy ending. We have kept in touch with her previous owner so she knows that all has turned out well, even though it was difficult for them to part with her.

‘Fluffy’ now has a loving home with Corinne and her other (mostly elderly) feline family. ‘Fluffy’ needed to have both ears removed due to skin cancer. She was a stray originally, for how long we will never know, but one of her ears was horrendous; it was a wonder really that the cancer hadn’t spread onto her head. ‘Fluffy’ is very strong minded, and if need be keeps the others in check! We think she is probably 9+ but no doubt she feels she has her furry paws well under the table now, so everyone one else must get used to her presence! Look no further ‘little’ one, or in her case not so little!

Just a few weeks ago we received a call to say someone had found a tiny kitten in a nearby garden. We think the mother may have been moving her kittens and somehow this little man had found himself in dense undergrowth and was shrieking his little head off, which probably saved his life! He was barely 6 weeks old so we felt we had to find someone who would look after him for us. Pet Doctors at Newport came to our rescue – Thank You Jayne! So off we went to collect this tiny furry person and duly took him to the surgery where all the staff just fell in love with him! One of the Vets offered to take him home with her each night, so he had plenty of attention both day and night! This dear little kitten found a home very quickly thanks to one of the Vets, and he is now happily settled with 3 adult cats! Home at Last but rather a scary experience for one so young, to find himself separated from his Mum and siblings.

We think we may since have traced his Mum and her remaining kittens. The babies have gone to Cats Protection for re-homing and we have spayed Mum, so thankfully there will be no more ‘unwanted/stray’ kittens from that particular mother.

We still have several cats for re-homing needless to say, but first I must tell you about ‘Shade.’

‘Shade’ came to us recently from a multi-cat household. Although she is almost 5 months of age she is no bigger than an 8 week old! I think she may have put on a little weight but still won’t be much more than her original 1.2kg! Her brother and sisters are a normal size, and we have recently neutered/spayed them with no problems at all.

We were convinced that ‘Shade’ had a congenital heart defect but in fact this is not the case. She is still being monitored by our Vet from time to time but basically she has come to live out her life with us, however long that may be for.

She may be small but goodness me her character is MASSIVE! She won’t have a long life but what she does have will be very well worth living. She is in the warm, has many feline friends around her, and her every need is being met a hundred fold! Because she can’t be sedated, we are unable to have X-rays carried out, although the Vets have managed to do an ultrasound scan, but  nothing intrusive can be done. There is an abnormality but far too risky to do what is necessary to find out just what it is. ‘Shade’ will make sure she lives life to the full, even though she has limitations, and believe me we will take very good care of her and smother her with love. What an absolute sweetie!  X


Now here are just some of the cats we have looking for loving new homes…


‘Bobby’ the farm cat that  didn’t want to be wild… ‘Bobby’ came from a farm colony BUT was refusing to be feral! We were asked to clear the colony as the house and land were being sold and the cats obviously couldn’t be left behind to fend for themselves.

The cats were not neutered so for many years were doing what comes naturally! The two oldest ones were 10 – 11 years old and one was still producing kittens, in fact was pregnant again even though she already had two very young kittens!

I felt I couldn’t give up on ‘Bobby’, not only was he NOT feral he was ‘in your face friendly’ and had spent his entire life trying to get into the house, not wanting to be out in the cold!

It hasn’t been an easy ride with ‘Bobby’ as he has chronic rhinitis so even though he isn’t ill he does sneeze a lot. He has probably had cat flu in the past, and has now sadly been left with this. We are at present looking at ways to control the symptoms, which we hope will be successful. He isn’t really a risk to other cats although he probably is a carrier, but so are about 40% of cats in general!

If anyone was to offer this lovely boy a home we would pay for any treatment he may need for his condition.

‘Lillie’ and ‘Willow’ still wait patiently to catch someone’s eye. They will be 5 next year and are desperate to have a home to call their own. They feel their lives are on hold, but we will never give up on the search to find them a loving home together.

They need a home where they can stay together, they may be a little shy initially, but will not take long to settle in with new owners. They originally became homeless when their owner died, so they are very anxious now to be able to get on with their lives in a loving, safe home.

‘Maisie’ and ‘Toothpaste’ also need a new home together. They were very obese when they came into our care, but we are working on that and have enrolled them with ‘Weight Watchers’!

‘Digby’ would like a home where he can be the only pet, ideally with no young children. We need to change the type of home he came from as he really wasn’t a happy boy.

If you would like to visit our website:, you can read more about the cats we have who are looking for new homes, or please call us on 521778 or email:

We have been asked to help with a large number of feral colonies over the past few months. We have, with the help of the RSPCA Animal Centre in Godshill, neutered/spayed/microchipped over 30 cats and kittens! We are very grateful to the RSPCA for helping us financially with these colonies, as without their assistance, we would not have been able to offer the help these cats desperately needed. Cats Protection in Ryde also helped us by housing some of the kittens, most of which have now gone on to new homes. The majority of the cats and older kittens have been released back to the original sites where shelter and food is provided for them, and they will now enjoy a much better way of life now that their numbers are under control. A very reassuring outcome!

We have many Permanent Residents who stay with us for a variety of reasons, in fact there are over 20 either with us or in permanent foster homes, so we not only re-home but run a Sanctuary for those who need us in the long term.

Our expenses are on-going with so many cats/kittens in our care, whether they be looking for new homes or staying with us permanently so if you would like to help us to continue our work maybe you would consider making a one off donation or maybe by arranging a monthly/quarterly or annual donation for us. If you feel you would like to help us in this way perhaps you would like to call me on 521778 (answer machine at times) or email:


Now a little about just some of our permanent residents…


‘Charlie’ is 12 years old and he is now a happy and settled boy. When I received the call from the previous owner I thought I was about to come face to face with a rabid Rottweiler! He was very timid initially and being pushed from pillar to post hadn’t helped.  He is now everyone’s friend, whether human or feline, and he has put the bad times firmly behind him at last.

‘Rupert’ and ‘Rosie’ are 7 years old and were born at one of the Holiday Camps on the Island. We also trapped their mother and she went back once she was spayed; back to her source of food, in fact after several months she would actually go into the lady’s chalet and sprawl out on her settee!

‘Rupert’ and ‘Rosie’ took a long, long time to tame, in fact even now ‘Rosie’ isn’t completely handleable! The main thing though is that they are happy and very much enjoy their home comforts, in the true sense of the word!

‘Kizzy’ 17 years old is one of our oldest residents. She was found with her siblings at Rookley Country Park when they were barely 5 weeks old. We never did find their mother so we presumed they had been abandoned. We re-homed all the kittens once they were old enough, but ‘Kizzy’ was returned as she was very timid – we decided then that she should stay with us and not go onto another home, and she is still with us all these years later! She takes everything in her stride and will even potter outside on a nice sunny summers day!

‘Toby’ now 7 years old was born on a farm. We had been asked to remove most of the farm cats, and only returned a reduced number once they had been neutered/spayed. ‘Toby’ and ‘Tabitha’ came home with us and as they were feral it was decided they should also stay with us permanently.  They would hide if they saw anyone they didn’t know, which resulted in them being passed by when prospective owners came out to see them. We sadly lost ‘Tabitha’ earlier this year, but ‘Toby’ is still going strong! He is very gentle with the other cats and has turned into a big softy!

‘Taz’ is 19 years old. She came into our care when she was 12. She was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few months ago and now has ongoing treatment. You would never think she was of such advanced years; especially when she charges around Marcelle’s flat when in play mode! Marcelle is ‘Taz’s’ permanent foster Mum.


Feline Welfare could not exist without support from our many kind volunteers.


Liz, as we mentioned earlier, has been seriously ill. We really hope she is now on the mend, but a full recovery will take a very long time yet. We all wish her a speedy recovery though and our thoughts are very much with her and her family.

Liz and Doug store and manage the majority of the items they collect for our fund raising stalls.  They work tirelessly throughout the year to raise much needed funds, for which we are really grateful. Due to Liz’s illness, for the time being, we are unable to accept items to sell, but we all really hope this can be resumed before next Summer. We will of course keep you updated, and it would be fantastic if you were able to donate items to us again in the not too distant future.

Vanessa and Liz and Doug have spent all Summer visiting Car Boot Sales and Fayres to raise funds for our less fortunate feline friends. Their constant support year in, year out is invaluable and GREATLY appreciated – thank you!

Many people have helped us in so many ways throughout the year, and for this we really are SO grateful. Jenny and Corinne help directly with the cats in our care on a very regular basis and they both also foster in their own homes from time to time. Every time the cats benefit from the help they give so willingly, I too benefit from their constant input. Sincere thanks go to both of you.

To continue our work, we desperately need funds. Our main expenditure goes on Vet Fees, Food and Cat Litter. We would like to thank everyone who has made a monthly donation arrangement with us and everyone who has kindly made donations throughout the year to support our work.


Until next time…




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