Winter Newsletter 2017/18

Another year is very nearly over – it must be my age but it seems only yesterday I was writing the Summer Newsletter! Yes definitely my age!

Well this year has been busy for various reasons but we have turned several sad ‘tails’ into very, very happy ‘tails’ which is wonderful. To see an animal go from neglect to be truly ADORED is such a fantastic feeling and we will continue our work with those who REALLY need help and make their little lives worth living with caring people who will love them unconditionally forever.

We are at present running our ‘Blitz Spaying Offer’ for low income families with Pet Doctors Veterinary Hospital and Clinics. We are charging £20 for spaying or £28 with a microchip if required and £30 for the boys or £35 with a microchip. We started the ‘Blitz’ offer at the end of August and it will run until 31st December, although we will still honour requests for kittens if they do not reach 16 weeks until January. We are targeting the females as the number of kittens being produced privately is rising dramatically every year. Because we are only a small Charity we are unable to offer the same price for the boys hence why this offer is directed at female cats/kittens.

Our on-going Neutering/Spaying/Microchipping Scheme has been running since 2002 so we do help Island families on a continual basis and are always trying to promote this service when and wherever we can.

As always the Internet highlights problems involving animals on a regular basis. In one respect this is beneficial as help/advise can be offered and in most cases improve the life of the cat/kitten also the owner! But we are also faced with other situations which are emotionally draining and not always so easy to deal with. Do we give up … NO!


I would now like to tell you about just some of our furry friends who are patiently waiting for loving new homes to call their own ……

‘Timmy’ will be 6 years old in the new year. He is a very handsome black/white ‘felix cat’ and just LOVES a nice cosy lap to sleep on. He has been with other cats but we feel now he will be much happier as the only pet. He is ready and waiting to show off his natural charms and is only a phone call away …..

‘Twinkle’ is 2 and although she has been an indoor cat for most of her life we would like her to have safe access to a garden, via a cat flap of course! Little doors, after all, were design for little furry people, and the person inventing those was indeed a genius, in fact every ‘cat home’ should have one! She is a very happy little girl and LOVES to play. ‘Twinkle’ has a super black coat without a hair out of place! Jenny is very kindly fostering ‘Twinkle’ at present in her spare bedroom so while she waits for a caring new home she is being offered plenty of love with all the home comforts.

‘Mittens’ is black/white and about 9 months old. She is now spayed/microchipped and will be vaccinated prior to going to a new home. She is a sweet little girl and she has had a pretty awful start to her life so far. She is waiting to share someone’s life and home and to be truly loved – bless her x

‘Toothpaste’ (sorry about the name – it wasn’t my choice!) is 6 going on 7 and if you would like to go to our website you can read her story –  She is now looking for a home where she is the only pet. She was an indoor cat, together with ‘Maisie’ her Mum – but we would like a home in a safe area so she can have access outside during the day. She LOVES to go outside but as you will see from her story it is not possible to offer her any freedom while she is here with us which is very sad bless her.

All our cats are tested for feline leukaemia and feline aids routinely and are spayed/neutered/microchipped/vaccinated and treated for fleas/worms. Also all necessary treatments eg  for injury/illness, dentals etc are carried out while still in our care. If their new owner is unable, for any reason, to keep them throughout their lives we take them back into our care so we can plan the remainder of their lives either in a new home or by staying with us as permanent residents. There is never a cut-off point, we are always here for them if they need us again.

We also offer permanent fostering for cats 12 years and over, again you can read about this in more detail on our website.


Now to tell you about some of our ‘Happy Tails’ …………

‘Lillie’ and ‘Willow’ were with us for a very long time BUT their lives changed completely when Moira called us and came out to visit these lovely girls. They moved in, took over the house and Moira almost instantly! It was heartwarming to see them with carpet under their paws and to see them exploring every corner of their new abode! They are so, so happy. They have their own garden which they LOVE and are just enjoying all the home comforts and at long last can be ‘cats’ once again. Thank You Moira you are a star.

‘Digby’ also had quite a long wait to catch someone’s eye, but he assures me the wait was very well worth it! He was in no hurry to feel grass under his paws again, in fact he preferred to sit in the conservatory and look at it instead! He had a girlfriend who visited him on a regular basis, so I guess by now they have got to the holding of paws stage! He is a huge boy but a real gentle giant.

‘Leo’ we believe is older than we first thought but that didn’t stop him getting a super home with Jenny and her human and feline family! He settled very, very quickly and was accepted by Jenny’s other cats almost instantly! Once they saw he was no threat and that he just wanted to share their home and their lives they soon accepted their ‘new brother’ into the fold. Home At Last big boy x

‘Megan’ 2 years came from a multi cat household, in fact had only recently brought up her last litter of kittens when she and 3 others came into our care – we put a swift end to there ever being an action replay as you can imagine! Dear ‘Megan’ is quite a character with good entertainment value! At last she was chosen by Gill and her husband and very quickly moved in and took over! Being used to being one of many she now rules the roost, has her owner’s undivided attention and doesn’t have to ‘share’ anymore – and she LOVES it! For the first time in her life, apart from while she was with us, she is the centre of attention and her home is her castle. Be happy little one x

‘Hamish’ came to us earlier this year and sadly needed a hind leg amputation. He adjusted instantly and recovered very quickly from the ordeal of the accident, surgery and finally losing the home he knew so well – more than enough for any cat to cope with understandably. We did have serious temperament problems though with young ‘Hamish’ and he was getting more and more difficult as time went on. Corinne came to our rescue – and that wasn’t the first time either! We thought and hoped that ‘Hamish’ would progress if we put him back in a domestic situation. We took him down to Corinne and he moved into her spare bedroom. He made VERY slow progress and more than once we wondered if he would ever allow Corinne to handle him without being swiped, spat, hissed and growled at!! BUT eventually there was a slow break through and he now comes out of the bedroom and mixes in with the other cats! He still won’t accept strangers but that isn’t important, as long as he is confident with Corinne and her other rescue cats that is all that matters. ‘Hamish’ you have given us months of anguish but we never wanted to give up on you and at last it has paid off. Thank You Corinne for all your patience and perseverance with this dear little boy as we can most definitely say ‘Hamish’ is now HOME AT LAST.

‘Riffles’ 11 and ‘Miranda’ 12 came to us when their owner sadly passed away. They are now in a super permanent foster home and have settled really well. They had been with other cats, dogs and a bunny, but I think they are really enjoying being the only pets now. They are basically indoor cats, which they had been used to anyway whilst with Judy, but there is plenty of space, a safe balcony to lounge on in the nice weather and all the home comforts as well as lots of attention from their new ‘Mum and Dad’ – what more could you ask! If Claire and Mark ever move they hope to have a little safe garden area, so if that indeed happens they will be able to ‘potter’ safely.

‘Hetti’ came to us with her remaining two kittens – ‘George’ and ‘Molly’. ‘Hetti’ has the most purrfect temperament, she really is outstanding. She was a lovely Mum to her kittens and they have super little characters too. Strangely enough ‘Hetti’ was chosen before the kittens, usually it is the other way round! This dear little girl quickly moved into her new home with Julie and Peter and within a very short time looked completely at home! She has never ceased to amaze them with her gentle and loving character – she seemed to move in take over and settle immediately! It is lovely to see her so happy and of course her new Mum and Dad as well.

‘George’ and ‘Molly’ were chosen by Helen soon after ‘Hetti’ had gone to her lovely new home. They moved in with Helen and Myles and as soon as their furry paws stepped out of our carrier they started to explore their new home. Yes carpet under their toes and all the home comforts you could wish for. Sadly they had been outside prior to coming to us and on our first meeting they both climbed up our legs and bodies until they reached our faces! They were very quickly accepted by Helen and Myles other older cats (ex Feline Welfare rescues!) and photos flood in from Helen to prove it!

‘Tabitha’ (now ‘Luna’) turned up on someone’s doorstep refusing to leave! She was there for several weeks making no attempt to ‘return home.’  Enquiries were made locally and the rescue centres were contacted, adverts were posted on the Internet sites all to no avail. ‘Tabitha’s’ life was to change dramatically on the day that Gill and her husband went to see her, in fact within days she was moving in with them and their cat friendly dog! She is now a very happy little girl, is purrfectly settled with her new canine brother and has put her past life firmly behind her. Where did her previous owners go? That will remain a mystery but ‘Luna’ is now safe, happy, contented and ADORED.

We have been trying to help people who have kittens or adult cats by finding homes for them without moving them into care. There is always a waiting list for cats needing to come in for rehoming but at least this way it saves an unnecessary move to a Rescue Centre, and of course less stressful for the cat/kittens. We have successfully found homes just recently for 7 kittens. We went to meet the Mum’s and kittens –  had the Mum’s spayed – then we sent prospective new owners to see the kittens in their birth home. We then did pre home visits and where necessary made arrangements for health checks/vaccinating/flea & worm treatments etc. With most this was made easy for us as they were being registered at either Pet Doctors or Medina Veterinary Practice under The Healthy Pet Scheme by their new owners! We will of course help with the neutering/spaying when they all reach 16 weeks of age. We haven’t found it quite so easy with adult cats, but have thankfully been successful a few times so far.

We rehomed ‘Baby’ 2 years and ‘Chesska’ 14 years from their previous home and both have settled really well with their new owners. ‘Chesska’ has gone to Marcelle as a permanent foster, she also has ‘Zena’ who is now 6-7 years of age under the same agreement and it is all working really well with Marcelle’s own cat ‘Boswell’ who is about 15 years old now. He likes the girls but think it would put his nose out if we introduced a boy! Marcelle has had several permanent foster cats for us now over the years, but sadly we lost dear ‘Tazzy’ on New Years Eve. She was 19 so had done very well but still a very upsetting time for everyone who knew her, especially Marcelle but also by ‘Zena’ and ‘Boswell’ as she was a big part of their lives too, ‘Zena’ had spent all of her life with ‘Tazzy’ so it took some adjusting when her lifelong friend went to sleep x


As always we are regularly on the lookout for good quality items to sell to raise much needed funds for our less fortunate feline friends both temporary and permanent! We try very hard to make their stay with us as pleasurable as possible. They all have quality, individual time spent with them and we do try to make their time with us, while they are waiting to catch someone’s eye, as homely as possible. It is sad for them to be homeless and unwanted and quite often neglected so we do our very best to make them as comfortable as possible. Our permanent residents are either here living a totally normal life and some are living in foster homes for their remaining years. We are financially responsible for all our furry people so fund raising needs to be on-going so we can keep our heads above water! Liz, Doug and Vanessa attend Car Boot Sales, Fayres etc throughout from Spring right through to our Christmas Fayre at the end of November! Their dedication is amazing and we would not be able to offer the help to our furry friends without their tireless and committed efforts year in year out.  To prepare for any fund raising event is very time consuming – items need to be collected from around the Island and Liz and Doug house the majority of items in their own home, as does Vanessa, and they also do all the planning which takes a lot of time and effort.

If you feel you would like to support us and the cats in our care maybe you would like to set up a Standing Order? This is a really fantastic way to help us in our work, and you have the added reassurance that every penny will be spent to benefit the cats/kittens in our care as well as helping us to neuter/spay/microchip as many cats/kittens on the Isle of Wight for people on low incomes as possible. We are ALL volunteers so donations are purely to provide for the cats and not for human profit. We are a ‘no frills’ Charity so not a penny is wasted. Our feline friends are kept very comfortable but as you will see if you visit us we are ‘all about the cats’ and we all work for the love of the cats in our care. If you feel you would like to help us by way of a monthly, bi-monthly, 3 or 6 monthly or annual donation it would be lovely to hear from you.

We rely on so many volunteers to help in so many ways – fostering – day to day care – fund raising – all those who help at our Summer and Christmas Fayres (before, during and after) – computer work providing our posters, forms, Newsletters, appeals etc – transport to Vets etc and not forgetting moral support too the list is endless! Jenny and Corinne help on a very regular basis, year in year out, with the cats at ‘Bo-Jangles’ also they help at the Fayres (again before, during and after) in fact they lend a hand everywhere at any time! Without everyone’s help we wouldn’t exist but instead we have been rescuing for 38 years and intend to continue for many years to come!

Our Vets at Pet Doctors work endlessly to help all the cats in our care, at times at short notice. Jayne is now the Clinical Director and she has been amazing and very supportive. Simon and Kerry, as well as most of the other Vets, work tirelessly with both our domestic and feral friends. The Nurses and Receptionists also play a large part with all our furry people.

If you are concerned about a cat/kitten in your area please do not hesitate to call us …. we are only a phone call away and we will always try to help if we can, but the impossible does  take a little longer! Sometimes advice is all that is needed, but all too often the calls we receive are regarding cats or kittens in a desperate situation. As a small Charity, although we would love to be able to, we are unable to offer a safe house for all those needing shelter, food, love and protection. All the Rescue Centres struggle at times to take every needy cat/kitten into care – all we can do is our best.

If you feel you can help us, especially with a cat in urgent need please do get in touch.

If you would like to know more about our work you may like to visit our website.

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